Flash Flickr Badge Widget for WordPress

September 14, 2006 By: erik Category: Flickr, Wordpress 71,304 views

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ATTENTION: I now recommend that you use the Javascript Flickr Badge widget instead.

I love the Flickr Flash Badges, but the content of the iframe that you have to put on your page is not valid XHTML. That just won’t do. So I decided to take matters into my own hands…

While I was investigating the parameters that Flickr’s flash file takes, and figured out how to change the numbers of rows and columns, as well as the size of the images in the badge.

With a little PHP tinkering, a plug-in was born!



  • Simple widget interface
  • Easily set up to use whatever Flickr account you wish
  • Easily change the size of the thumbnails
  • Easily define the number of rows and columns
  • Easily limit your pictures by Flickr tags
  • Choose between two transitions:
    • Big Then Small
    • Fade



  1. Download the plugin here: flickr-flash-badge-widget.1.1.zip
  2. Unzip the plugin into your /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin.
  4. Enter your Flickr account details into the widget settings on the Sidebar Widgets page in your WordPress admin (see screenshot).
  5. Drag the widget onto the sidebar where you want it on the Sidebar Widgets page in your WordPress admin.


Widget Settings Screenshot

The plugin can be seen in action on the sidebar on the left side of this page.

How can I find my @N00 Flickr ID?

One easy way is to use Big Huge Lab’s Flickr DNA page. Simply enter your username into the box and hit ‘Apply’.

Why was this hard?

Flickr has a magic variable called “magisterLudi” (which seems to be a literary reference) that changes every 24 hours. When you use their default method with the iframe, the content of the iframe contains the current value of the magisterLudi. This prevents you from just pasting the <object> tag to run the flash file on their server and bypassing their iframe. (It will work, but not for more than 24 hours.)

To solve this problem, this plugin goes to fetch the contents of the iframe from Flickr, parses it to get the current magisterLudi value, and uses that to display the flash object directly on your page, thereby avoiding the iframe and bypassing their mechanism intended to force use of their iframe.

A caching mechanism is in place to reduce these server-side calls to Flickr. By default, it will only update the magisterLudi value from Flickr every two minutes. Therefore, for two minutes (after Flickr changes the value) every day the plugin will fail. You may change this value in flickr-badge-widget.php if you wish.

Questions and Comments

You may leave questions and comments on this blog, or email them directly to me at erikwordpressplugins -at- gmail.

  • http://www.cyberlearninghub.com Wordpress QuickStart Guy

    Indeed an interesting plugin I would love to try it. Thanks for providing this plugin.


  • http://surfscripts.com Lovegin

    Great plugin it seems. But, I find some issues like I dont find any ways to administer it through the admin console. Seems some bug in it.

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ erik

    Lovegin, it is administered from the “Presentation > Widgets” page in the admin. You have to click on the little icon next to the widget once you’ve added it to your sidebar (just like all other widgets).

    Hope that helps. I’m fond of gin too. :-)

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  • http://www.baangerda.org Mike

    Excellent plugin! I’d really like to be able to use it so that it inside the main posting with text wrapping around it. Do you know if there is any way to achieve this?

    Keep up the good work

  • http://patglennon.net PG

    Congrats on the wedding!

    I was wondering if there is anyway to modify the widget so it will pull from random pics, not just the most recent.

    No hurry on an answer, even if it’s a simple “no”. I know the whole post wedding rigmarole. It takes a while to get back in the swing!

  • http://binchoutan.wordpress.com aprilia gayatri

    Hello erick…
    thank you so much for this badge…

  • Rob

    Hi Erick,

    I just came across your Flickr plugin and first wanted to say thanks for writing it and giving it away!

    I have it installed but my photos are showing up at all in the sidebar widget. I see the title of the widget, but no photos. In Firefox, I am getting this error “FlickrBadge is not defined”, even though I have defined my FlickrID.

    Any suggestions or ideas why I’m not able to get it working properly?


  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    I’ve never seen that error, Rob. I just re-enabled it on my blog to make sure it still works, and it does.

    “flickrBadge” (with lowercase f) is the id of the <object> tag that is output into the page. Make sure that tag is in your source.

  • http://gsm.org.es Pepe

    Very nice plugin, but how can I call it directly from a page in WordPress. I have an Initial page in the web and I would like to call it from there instead of putting it on the sidebar.
    Thanks in advance.

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    Pepe, at the moment that functionality is not provided. You’d have to hack that together yourself.

  • Mitch Argon

    I have been looking for a solution like this that i can place on any page (not restricted to WordPress). Does anyone know if something like this exists? Help Please!
    Thank you.

  • http://urlredacted Chiang Mai

    Yes, You Can

  • http://www.psychebox.com/pblog Alvaro

    Hola! estupendo trabajo con el widget, acabo de probarlo con un blog que me han encargado y funciona estupendamente.

    un saludete desde Asturias vecino!

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    Me alegro, Alvaro. Gracias!

  • http://www.jeffhester.net/ Jeff Hester

    Erik, this plug-in looks GREAT in concept, but after I activate it (I’m using WordPress 2.3.2) my plug-in page in the admin console only displays a blank page. Will this work in 2.3.2? If so, maybe there is a conflict with the theme I’m using (Glossy Blue: http://www.ndesign-studio.com/resources/wp-themes/glossyblue/).

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    Jeff, I’m using the latest 2.4-bleeding (see bottom right of this page) version of WordPress and the plugin works great (as it did when I was using 2.3.x. As I understand it, your theme should have nothing to do with the plugin page in the admin. Other plugins work fine?

  • http://harrimanhikers.org Harriman Hikers

    Running WP2.3.1 and K2 Theme when I try to activate the plugin I get a fatal error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class snoopy in /home/user/public_html/test/wp-includes/class-snoopy.php on line 40

    R. Richard Hobbs

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    Richard, You must have some other plugin that’s using the “snoopy” code and they are conflicting. Try removing (or commenting) the line in flickr-badge-widget.php that contains the word “snoopy”.

  • http://temporary-sanity.com/ Angel

    Love it! Thanks so much got sharing it.

  • Shobba

    I just want to pick up PGs question:
    I was wondering if there is anyway to modify the widget so it will pull from random pics, not just the most recent.

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    Shobba: Not that I know of. That’s just the default behavior of the flash badge from Flickr. The fact that it’s only the most recent pictures annoys me as well. If you find a way, please post it here, and I will try to incorporate it into the widget.

  • http://www.fjandrade.com Fernando Andrade

    Only to say thanks for your work. The widget rule.

  • Paul


    It seems that this plugin does not work in combination with WP-dTree 3.3.1. A shame really, because i really like this plugin …

  • Paul

    After some tweaking around it works perfectly, with WP-dtree, in widget options… Transition: big then small. That did the trick.

    Btw > another flikr: http://www.lukeh.com/ seems to have figured out the random issue. You can select a random option in the way the images are shown.

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    Btw > another flikr: http://www.lukeh.com/ seems to have figured out the random issue. You can select a random option in the way the images are shown.

    From what I can tell, that “anotherFlickr” plugin is using a different Flickr API. My plugin is limited to the parameters Flickr allows for the flash badge.

    Thanks for reporting back, Paul.

  • criss

    Nice, but I can’t get it to pull photos based on tags. I get photos not found message

  • http://friendselcerritolibrary.wordpress.com/ Amy

    Hi Erik, did you also develop the widget for WordPress.com? It’s great to have such a widget but was not able to get the images to load on my wordpress.com site (although the alt text is coming through). Turns out Flickr is using Atom feeds, not RSS. Any chance of getting the widget to support Atom, too? (Better yet, both)

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    Amy, I have not investigated what would need to happen to get my plugin accepted for wordpress.com blogs.

    This plugin does not use Flickr feeds directly. All it does is load Flickr’s official flash badge, and then the flash application goes to fetch the photos. So there’s nothing to change from RSS to Atom.

  • http://friendselcerritolibrary.wordpress.com/ Amy

    Ok, thanks for the clarification. Looks like someone else developed that Flickr widget…sucks.

  • http://shens.hk rbshen

    H Erik, are u still supporting this widget? It is a great widget, but recently after I upgraded to wordpress 2.5, it appears that there is a conflit with lightbox. It seems that there is something still loading at the bottom of the page each time the page is opened.

  • http://www.petranovskaja.com nadja

    I use it, thanks for this wigdet!!

  • http://www.anousletour.com Brieuc

    Hi Erik,

    Thanks for your interesting plugin.
    I have a just problem, sometimes, the widget do not show any pictures from my flickr account but only the mention “no such photos”, could you tell me what is the problem ?



  • http://www.icraft.ca/craft_boutique Elena

    This widget is very nice. I wish I could use something like this for my store items at http://www.icraft.ca/craft_boutique and post this widget on my blog. Is it possible?

  • http://littleheart.org A

    So I recently started using your plugin but I must be doing something wrong. The link to my flickr is http://flickr.com/littleheart03 so I put littleheart03 in the box where it says to put the end of the url but my photos aren’t showing up. I’m confused. My site is currently down for maintenance but I can make it live if you’d like to see it.

    Lovely plugin Erik.

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    A, I’m not sure why the Big Huge Labs link cannot find your Flickr account. The other way to find your @N00 id is to view the source on your Flickr page. I’ve done it for you, so I can tell you that your Flickr id that you need to put into the widget is “31580611@N08″. Hope this helps.

  • http://zeltus.eu/blog Bill Parker

    Excellent plug-in!

    a) randomness is a problem acknowledged by the flickr team – but they admit it has such a low priority they have no idea if as and when it will be fixed.

    Some randomness may be simulated by using the tag feature – use the flickr organizr to add a unique tag to ALL of your photos (yeah, I know!) and then add this tag to Erik’s widget set up.

    Choosing a truly not-used-by-anyone-else tag is a bit challenging. And the badge still seems to prefer “newer” images. But it’s some sort of an improvement, I think.

    b) Erik, a quick look at the code shows that, altho’ it’s tar/gzipped a la *nix, the files are in dos/windows format, with them there nasty ^M at the end of each line. Dunno if this’ll upset some *nix boxes?

    As I said, great plug-in, a vast improvement on the stock flickr badge. Well done!

  • viquez

    ¿funciona en WP 2.5.1?
    me da el siguiente error: “Failed to fetch badge info from Flickr.\n”

    Does it work in WP 2.5.1?
    I get the following error: “Failed to fetch badge info from Flickr.\n”

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    I’m not sure, Viquez. It might be a temporary problem on Flickr’s servers. Double-check that your Flickr ID is correct.

  • http://www.daytonchessclub.com Nathan Driver

    I’m trying out this widget and can’t seem to get any photos displayed.

    I have the correct Flickr ID and everything but still shows a:

    no such photo

    ideas / suggestions?


    btw – link to site in name.

  • http://www.internetplus.com/thefunkstop/ Funkstop

    Thanks for providing this plugin – after trying about 6 others from the wordpress directory, all of which had to many options and failed with the theme i’m using, I had joy with your plugin after finding it on a google search. It works perfect! Thanks!

  • http://minhtrung.net Minh Trung

    Nice plugin. I’m using for my blog.

  • http://altoran.pe.kr altoran

    great plugin !! Thanks.
    but there are some problem about tags. when i input a tag to [Tags: Box], only shows ‘no such photo’ sign.
    would you please show me the way of solution?

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    @altoran, and you have photos tagged with ‘box’? You’ll have to provide your Flickr ID if you want me to try to replicate your problem.

  • http://makeupartistbackstage.com Victoria Stiles

    Hi there,

    I installed your Flickr widget and loved it. Unfortunately today, it is taking down my Featured Content Gallery so I had to unistall. Please let me know when the bug is worked out.


  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    @Victoria, FCG seems to use mootools.js as their js library, so the conflict was probably between prototype.js and mootools.js. I have removed this plugin’s dependence on prototype in version 1.2, so I suspect that it might work now. Please let me know if it does.

  • http://www.digitalcow.com val

    I installed the widget, totally cool. How do I get the images to rotate to other images in my public folder? The widget seems only roll 4-6 images?

    thanks in advance.

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    @val, that problem, unfortunately, is out of my hands. The image selection code is in the flash application that Flickr has written. As far as I know, there are no additional parameters I can pass it to make it do more than a handful of recent images. Sorry…

  • http://www.asterisko.com.br/ Alexandre

    I used to like this so much better when it wasn’t flash. It was way more elegant.
    Guess I should go back to version 1.0…

  • http://www.asterisko.com.br/ Alexandre

    Sorry about my previous comment. Seems there’s something wrong with WP’s auto-update system.

    I am using Ben Coleman’s plugin, not yours. But when I updtade, it overwrites his plugin with yours.


  • http://www.crazytimes.com Carlos

    Erik when I look at my source i see this: id=”flickr-badge”

    Is that correct? or else how can I fix it because my page is only showing the words Flickr and by Eric Rasmussen, no pics in between, Thanks!

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    I’ve emailed Carlos and fixed his problem. The required flickr-badge.js wasn’t being properly imported.

    • http://www.asbestinventarisatie.com roger

      Hi Erik,

      your badge was working fine! until all of a sudden it just stoped working! Now i know things don’t just die by them self… but i would appreciate it working again. Like Carlos in the post above, i also only see your name and that’s it.

      Any sugestions on how I can fix this?


  • http://caio.blogsite.org Caio

    You are my hero.
    Finally a widget plugin of flickr that works without problem.
    Wonderful! :-)

  • http://www.spreadingyourknowledge.com almir

    wow thats really cool i might use this on my site because the widget looks like it works

  • http://MonkBytes.com Steve

    Just updated from a previous version. Now the thumbnails are super small, bumped them up as much as I could using the admin interface, but its still a fraction of what I used to have this configured for. Is there a way to get these photos fed to my site at some resolution bigger than 60×60?

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    No, I’m sorry, Steve. The resolution of the thumbnails is controlled completely by Flickr and their Flash app. All my plugin does is embed their app and pass some parameters.

    Changing version of the plugin shouldn’t have affected anything like that.

    • http://retrigger.net Raul Costa

      I have the same problem.

      I used it with big thumbs before (150, I guess) and now just 60!
      I m looking for the old version, do you have it there? I dont really remember which one it was…

  • http://ji.dd.jimisaacs.com jimisaacs

    Yes I had the same problem. Just made an update, now the thumbails are too small to see.

    The admin interface doesn’t work for sizing at all. There must be something different from the previous version as it was working yesterday just fine, or at least I thought it did?

  • jessica

    i love this plugin! but how can i show my flickr favorites? i dont have any photos of my own at this moment.

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    Jessica: The selection of photos must be from your photostream. I have no control over the photos selected. That is the job of the Flash application provided by Flickr. Sorry, but this badge can only be used to showcase your own content.

  • Chris

    It would be much helpful, if you show us a demo of the plugin! You mentioned it above, but in your sidebar is no demo!

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    Chris, check out any of these pages that are using this plugin.

  • Billy Brasov

    Hi, I recive this message in my web site : ” no such
    photos” and the same plugin in the same wordpress version but with other theme is working.. With corporate premium theme from studiopress.com is not working.. any solution?


  • senthil

    hi guys,

    i am not able to display the photos more than 24 can anyone help to how to display more than that.


  • james

    I have followed the instructions and everything works well except the photos being displayed are not mine. I inserted the ID for my Flickr group, but the widget seems to display member’s photos.

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    James, the widget will display photos for one Flickr user only. It’s your user id that you need to put in. It doesn’t work for groups.

  • Svend

    Hi Erik,

    thanks for the great plugin, i run it since yesterday and i want to youse it twice times now. One should run with my flickr acc and one with a friends one. Can you tell me what to do?

    thanks in advance Svend

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    Svend, this plugin only supports having one instance of the widget in your sidebar at a time. Sorry.

  • http://imeerocks.net Imee

    One of the best sidebar widgets I know of. Great job! Thanks so much! :)

  • A

    Hi, Thanks for this great plugin.
    What could we do/change to make this work on the Groups ? (I really need that :/)

  • http://thelittlescribblebook.com/Blog/ genericjanedoe

    Hi Erik

    I uploaded this widget with a lot of excitment earlier, but I’ve adjusted the settings, made sure my latest uploaded photos are publicly available and found my Flickr ID is correct – but NOTHING will allow me to see any photos on my site. All I get is the title and your name with a link to your site:(

    I don’t want to delete this widget as so many others seem to have it work for them. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    genericjanedoe: I have looked at your page, and the problem is that the path to the javascript file that should be in blog-dir/wp-admin/plugins/flickr-flash-badge-widget/flickr-badge.js isn’t resolving (returning 404). If you fix that to where the plugins really are, you should be fine.

  • http://thelittlescribblebook.com/Blog/ genericjanedoe

    Hi Erik, thanks for the swift response.

    I’m pretty new at all of this, and I’m not sure what you mean by fixing the .js file to where the plugins really are. Do you mean that I should move flickr-badge.js to the wp-admin folder? Because the plugins folder is actually under wp-content.

    Thanks again

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    genericjanedoe: I’m sorry, that was my fault. It should be under wp-content. The problem is that the path to that js file is wrong. The problem is that your wp-content/plugins folder isn’t where it normally is.

    Since I don’t know how your blog setup is, I can’t really tell you much more. Is wp-content not in /Blog?

  • http://thelittlescribblebook.com/Blog/ genericjanedoe

    Hi Erik

    flickr-badge.js is currently sitting under:


    Should the .js or the plugins file be sitting somewhere else?

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    genericjanedoe: That sounds okay. It’s unclear to me why it wouldn’t be working for you. Sorry. Perhaps you could contact someone at your hosting service to see why the url to the js file is failing?

  • http://libraryofvinyl.org pace

    Nice one! Super easy to use. Two questions/comments. Seems that it hangs up when it reaches a video (just populates all cells with the same video image over and over). Also, when I added “blog” tag at flickr then used “blog” tag for the badge it said no such photos. Does it take some time for flickr to update? THX and great plugin overall.

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      Hmm. That’s a problem with the Flickr badge that Flickr provides, I’m afraid. They wrote that code long before they allowed videos on Flickr.

      I suspect that your tagging stuff might work if you give it a little time. But if not, it’s not really a problem with my plugin, but with Flickr’s flash badge.

  • http://libraryofvinyl.org pace

    Scratch that last. Seems to have updated and works fine. So, i guess its just perfect!!! Thx

  • http://www.runningquest.net Clynton Taylor

    Love the plugin and visitors do as well. I have had a problem with it, though. I have four sets of photos on my flickr photostream, but only two show up – the first two I uploaded to flickr. Anything you would suggest I do? Thanks so much.

  • iJohannes

    i`m using your GREAT Flickr Plugin. Can i remove the ,,By Erik Rasmussen” link under the Flickr Gallery? Please E-Mail me!


    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      Yes, but you’ll need to edit the plugin file in the wordpress admin under Plugins –> Editor, and select this plugin. You’ll want to remove the following code:
      <br/><small>By <a href="http://erikras.com/2006/09/14/flash-flickr-badge-widget-for-wordpress/?src=ffbw">Erik Rasmussen</a></small>
      If you’re going to remove the link, might I suggest a donation?

  • iJohannes


    Best Flickr Plugin!

  • http://www.rolltoronto.ca Guy Crawford

    Hi Erik, congratulations on a fantastic plugin! I however have a question.

    Having recently updated to 2.8.4 (current update) I find that the plugin creates a grey border below and to the right of the block of images in my otherwise white sidebar, when it never did so with previous versions.


    Do you know where I might find and alter the hex controlling this?

    Best regards,

    Guy Crawford

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      Have you solved this already, Guy? Your site looks good, and I see no “gray..on [your] otherwise white sidebar”. As I recall, the actual plugin does nothing with CSS styles.

      • http://www.rolltoronto.ca Guy Crawford

        Sadly, not- although thanks for the nice comments on the site : )

        I still see this: http://www.rolltoronto.ca/flickrgrey.jpg

        I had a wander through your code and couldn’t find any CSS tinkering, so I suppose its back to style.css for another trawl.

        • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

          Weird. I don’t see that at all in either Firefox or Safari. It sounds like another case of IE sucking. Post the solution here if/when you find it!

          • http://www.rolltoronto.ca Guy Crawford

            Actually, that’s in Firefox : ( I’m glad other people aren’t seeing it!

  • http://cordiebw.com cordieb

    Super widget. Thanks for creating and sharing! I had a problem at first with the flickr id, since mine is not shown when viewing my photos. However, after coming here, I was delighted that you even give instructions for getting the flickr id. Again, super widget. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!!!

  • http://clintonelementary.org colleen

    Hi — Any chance there’s a way to make this work with a Flickr group?

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      That would be awesome, but no, it’s not possible. This is because Flickr just doesn’t provide that option for Flash badges. Sorry…

  • http://themerrymonk.com Erik G.

    Hi Erik. Thanks for your work on this. I hope you can help me with a problem.

    I have 100 photos in my photostream, but only a fraction of them show up in the widget. If I increase the columns and rows it just repeats pictures instead of pulling the rest.

    You mentioned above being able to limit pictures with tags, is that the answer to my problem? What tag should I use?

    If that’s not the solution, can you help me out? I’d like all my pics up there.



  • http://puremichiganphotoclub.com Stacy N

    I have a client that loves having the badge on the site – but for a very special reason (which I won’t go into) – they don’t want the thumbnails “clickable” to the Flickr site itself. They want the fun feature of the latest submitted images to show up – but want to keep the users on THEIR site without leaving and going over to Flickr.

    Can this be done? Can everything work the same way – but just somehow make it so the user cannot click on a particular image to go on through to Flickr?

    I hope this makes sense. It’s a photo contest site that uses Flickr as part of the submission process – but they want to keep the users on THEIR site rather than going on through to Flickr.

    Kindest regards,

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      No, Stacy, that’s not possible. Flickr wrote the badge code and Flickr is interested in getting visitors to their website.

      According to Flickr’s Terms and Conditions, you’re not even allowed to embed an image in your web page without a link to Flickr.

  • ShAkEr

    Hello, I have a problem with this plugin, that I love anyway, I do not know if it has to be with the plgin or with the badge provided vy Flickr, but i t puts itself above everything ib the browser, for instance if I make a picture emergent using lightbox the images on the plugin appear in the middle of the emerging picture, and this is quite annoying.

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      Actually that sounds like a browser-specific problem. Flash and javascript are fighting with each other. You could maybe try to put a very large z-index style on the lightbox div and see if that helps, but I suspect the problem is that your browser just doesn’t like rendering HTML over a flash object. Try other browsers, too, to verify that it’s browser-specific.

      It certainly has nothing to do with the php code in this plugin.

      • ShAkEr

        Hello, I have checked with 3 navigators (Firefox, IE and Chrome) and it happens in all of them, on the other hand it does not happen with other flash objects inserted . I have checked and it is not your plugin’s fault but flickr’s as the same thing happens with the standard Flickr flash badge.

  • George Bush

    Too bad for conservatives all web developers are liberals.

  • http://youthclimate.org Leon White

    Hi Erik! Cheers for the awesome widget! I have one small problem in the backend – all changes and stuff work, but i frequently get this message while editing posts:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home1/sustainu/public_html/youthclimate/wp-content/plugins/flickr-flash-badge-widget/flickr-badge-widget.php:341) in /home1/sustainu/public_html/youthclimate/wp-admin/async-upload.php on line 24

    Any idea what is causing this? Thanks for your help mate!

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      Hmm.. That’s very odd. Maybe that’s being caused by the request going out to fetch the iframe contents from Flickr. I haven’t seen that before.

      Anybody else getting this?

      • http://youthclimate.org Leon White

        Actually, this is causing fairly widespread chaos on the site. Even the login page isn’t working (I can still access the backend because I have a cookie from when the plugin wasn’t installed). flickr-badge-widget.php seems to be being called very often, in routines such as save post, upload image, list plugins, etc…

        An example of the error on the login page:

        For what its worth, I’m using plugin version 1.3 on WordPress 2.8.4.

        Thanks for your awesome support mate, its definitely worth a donation to me!

        • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

          That’s bizarre. Perhaps it’s conflicting with another plugin. I would try disabling all plugins and then enabling just the Flickr Flash Badge plugin. If that still breaks it, then we know my plugin (in combination with your theme) is to blame. If it works, then try enabling the others until you find the one that breaks things, then perhaps I could try to resolve the conflict. Please report back on your findings.

          • http://youthclimate.org Leon White

            Hi Erik,

            I disabled all the plugins, enabled Flash Badge, and got the same error. A good test seems to be uploading an image to a post, or the login page from a browser without the authentication cookie.

            My theme is Arras Theme 1.3.5… let me know if you have any ideas what the problem could be! I have disabled Flash Badge for now.

            Cheers and hi from Berlin!

          • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

            Leon, I just installed that theme for my blog on my dev server (very nice theme, by the way!) and the Flickr Flash Badge 1.3 worked on WP 2.8.4. So I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps you need a PHP upgrade or some other library compiled in? Sorry I can’t help you any further.

  • http://www.dgaphotoshop.com Michael


    Your plugin was working wonderfully until all the sudden it said “no such photos” Any suggestions as to why this may be? Thanks

  • http://neverandforever.com/wp Jim

    I have just upgraded to WP 2.9.1 but it appears that the plugin won’t work with 2.9.1. It advises it causes a fatal error on reactivating after the upgrade.

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      Sorry, it took me a few days to get around to updating to WP 2.9.1. This plugin is working fine for me in WP 2.9.1.

      Maybe try deleting it and reinstalling?

      • http://neverandforever.com/wp Jim

        That seems to have done it. How odd. Thanks.

        • http://neverandforever.com/wp Jim

          Well, I’m getting the same error with 2.9.2 now! I’ve deleted and reinstalled to no avail. How very odd.

          • http://neverandforever.com/wp Jim

            And just to follow up, I tried to re-enable it today and it worked! Very, very odd.

  • gretchen

    I have the same problem, i tried deleting and reinstalling, with no success. it started as soon as I upgraded to 2.9.1.

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      I’m not sure what to tell you. What is the error?

      • gretchen

        no errors in the dashboard interface, but displayed on the web page:
        Failed to fetch badge info from Flickr.\n

  • http://brickthick.com JimEdward

    :Unfortunately, my images stop showing up when I specify a tag. The entire site shows fine when i remove the tag (DO NOT want that) Should I wait until the tag propagates the Flickr site or should this be instant? Solutions.”

    Resolved. Works now. Just had to wait 2 minutes.

  • Tara

    I really love this flickr badge but do you have a version available for a website that is not wordpess? A script I can insert into the source? Thank you!

  • spinfits

    Is there a limit to the number of photos which can be rotated in your widget? I have a tag with 90+ photos but the widget only seems to pull the same 30 or so recent photos with the tag.


    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      Yes. I don’t know what the exact number is, but it only loads about 10 photos. This is a problem with Flickr’s badge, not the widget. There’s nothing I can do about this limitation, unfortunately.

  • http://1praise.net vino

    Dear Erik, thank you so much for your cool plugins. I have use it on http://1praise.net
    I wan to ask you, how to set the widget open in the new tab, if my visitor click on the picture?

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      As far as I know, there’s no way to do that. The actual “links” are inside the flash app that comes from Flickr.

  • Cara

    Hi, fantastic widget, would you be able to tell me how to center it?

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      Thanks, Cara. The surrounding li should have a “flickr_badge_widget” CSS class on it, so if you place the following in your CSS, it should center the widget inside its div:

      .flickr_badge_widget div { text-align: center; }

  • http://www.evergreenpics.com francesco

    hi Erik
    i use your flickr plugin.
    it’s possible to center it?
    i write this code ( .flickr_badge_widget div { text-align: center; } ) in my css but dosen’t work.
    can u help me?
    this is the link to mysite where u can see the flickr plugin

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      Yes, sorry about my incomplete untested solution I gave Cara above. Since the text-align is set on the element itself, you have to put an extra keyword to override it in the css. It should be:

      .flickr_badge_widget div { text-align: center !important; }

      That should do it.

  • http://davidknapp.mosaicmercy.com David Knapp

    Nice plugin but the photos are way to small. Why can they only be sized up to 60?

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      Because that’s the way Flickr designed their Flash badge. Nothing you or I can do about it, sorry.

  • chris raymond

    Is there a way I can manually insert your code into my sidebar php? I have been using the old Kubrick them for a while and I have everything styled in my sidebar just so, not via widgets. If I now put in your widget, I lose all my other content in the sidebar.


  • Minxing

    Hi Erik, I installed this plugin, it is amazing. But i got a little problem, I only can see this widget when I sign in. I can not see this widget/pictures while i sign out. That is kind of weird, could you help me?

    • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

      That’s very strange, Minxing. I’ve never heard of that problem. Sorry.

  • http://www.tonecor.com barricas

    Hello, I have a problem with this plugin, that I love anyway, I do not know if it has to be with the plgin or with the badge provided vy Flickr, but i t puts itself above everything ib the browser, for instance if I make a picture emergent using lightbox the images on the plugin appear in the middle of the emerging picture, and this is quite annoying.

    best regards from spain

    • erik

      That’s because Flash sucks and doesn’t respect the z-index CSS value. The same would be true of an embedded YouTube video as well. Sorry.

      Eso es porque Flash es una mierda y no respete el valor CSS de z-index. Lo mismo pasarí­a con un video de YouTube. Lo siento.

  • CV

    Nice work Erik. Working like a charm. Carl Valance

  • http://www.thebestwordpressplugins.com Best Wordpress Plugins

    I am having a similar issue to Barricas, is there any workaround to get this not appear in the middle of emerging pictures? I’d be happy to make a donation if you could get it to work like this!

  • http://attorneydirectoryofamerica.com Attorney

    I’ll be the third person to echo the annoyance of Barricas and BWP. Any plans for a workaround?

    • erik

      What lightbox are you guys using? I installed the Lighbox 2 and jQuery Lightbox plugins, and they were both smart enough to hide my Flickr flash badge when the lightbox opened. I need more information about exactly which lightbox implementation you’re using before I can debug this any further.

  • http://innerathlete.co.uk/ Alan

    I’d also be more than happy to donate if we could get it sorted. Don’t know why it appears in the middle of the picture and would really like to get it fixed asap.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ley-Atraccion/100003347750168 Ley Atraccion

    thanks a lot for this ist really interesting software……!!!
    all the best…

    en Casa


  • Atraer Dinero

    thaks a lot for this legenday software this javascript remembers my first website …all the best!! 

    Atraer Dinero                                    

  • Maxiride

    Great plugin!! Very awesome, this is the only one in the net which is really well made.

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  • http://turatea.com/ bisot

    its a wonderful widget, i hope someday will be available for blogspot/blogger :) thanks

  • roknnagd

    my images stop showing up when I specify a tag. The entire site shows fine when i remove the tag (DO NOT want that) Should I wait until the tag propagates the Flickr site or should this be instant????