Turkey Pizza – A Mediterranean Thanksgiving

November 23, 2006 By: erik Category: Food, Partying, Photos 1,346 views

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Okay, so it’s the wrong Mediterranean peninsula…

Some turkey facts for you.

  • The word for turkey in Spanish is “pavo”.
  • “Pavo” is also Spanish slang for the US dollar. “It cost me 30 bucks” = “Me costó 30 pavos”
  • The Spanish word for “peacock” is “pavo real”, which means “royal turkey”.

And my favorite turkey fact of all…

  • The word for “turkey”, the bird, in Turkish, is the same as the Turkish word for Greece, the country, not the musical.


I give thanks for mozzarella.


Like all good Thanksgiving meals, this one had a special carving utensil.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Can you imagine having a pavo pizza, mediterranean style, in a mediterranean cruise!

  • Uncle Neil

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Uncle Neil

    Not knowing what it was I clicked on one of the first of your stars. Now I know. Ooops. Reminds me of the time in cinema class when I left a section of script blank as it seemed like too much work. Then my script was used as an example by the professor in class for like half the hour and I got an A++.

  • Those people who think there’s an artistic beauty in nothingness are more than a little “loco”.

    Yeah, I put those stars up there to provide a way to rate my blog entries. I did it more because I could than for any good reason. Ideally, each of my readers would vote on each post, and I’d get a sense of the kind of material that my audience prefers. But I don’t know that I, or my readers, care that much.

    So, feel free to rate them however you want. I might, some day, put a list of the top-rated posts on sidebar.

  • Uncle Neil

    Instead of turkey facts I was just researching pizza facts which became interesting to me. Did you know that evidence was found in Pompeii, after August 24, 79 A.D., of multiple shops, complete with marble slabs and other tools of the trade, which resemble the conventional competing pizzeria.
    Another little known fact is that your grandmother loves and can eat an entire large pizza all by herself when it is made from bread dough, olive oil, home grown tomatoes and basil, lots of garlic, and parmesan cheese. Good thing we made two. Of course this was after three days in the wilderness bush cabin wearing the same clothes.

  • Actually, I did know that fact about Pompeii pizza.

    How weird is it that the ancient city is spelled Pompeii, and the modern one is Pompei

    That tomato and garlic pizza sounds lovely. I tried that once, but the water from the tomato made the bread all soggy. Is there some secret to avoiding that?

    Too bad that pizza anecdote didn’t make the blog entry about her cabin visit.

  • Man, that is one Fantastic looking pizza. I want some of it bad!

    I enjoyed my traditional T-Day meals, but I think I would have traded for the likes of that.