Saturday in Santander

July 29, 2007 By: erik Category: Beach, Family, Photos, Spain 1,022 views

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The in-laws came to visit this weekend, and we went to Santander. The mission? To buy a suit for the second most important man at my wedding, the father of the bride. He ended up buying it in the same place where I bought my suit.

At lunch, I had the best sheep cheese and raisin salad ever.


I liked the sugar wrapper that came with my coffee.


This crocodile attacked us out of nowhere. Luckily, I was able to wrestle it to the ground without hurting it too much.

After lunch, we went to see the “must see” attraction of Santander, the royal Palacio de la Magdalena.


I think this beach is called El Sardinero. You can see the palace on the far left. Here’s a shot from above.


A huge boat motors by.


Here you can see the Palacio de la Magdalena on the left.


Something about these boats intrigued me.


This house is pretty awesome, despite being in ruin.


This purple color is all over at this time of year. Beautiful.




The beaches were packed. You might have to click on this one to see it larger.


Sealy Posturepedic

The seals and sea lions at the palace were having their afternoon siesta.


This guy couldn’t even be bothered to keep his head above water. He reluctantly flexed his abs to lift his nostrils above water every two minutes or so.


These seals have got the right idea.




Creeping, flowering vine on the palace wall.


Me and the in-laws.


Platonic shadows of the perfect scooter.


A walled path.


The gardeners of the city of Santander deserve a round of applause.


A house I will never have enough money to buy.


At the end of our walk, Marce was parched. Luckily God put this shrine to some virgin for us to drink from.

In the end, we accomplished our mission, and got to spend a fantastic afternoon out in the sun. The father of the groom will definitely have the second-nicest suit at the wedding. šŸ˜‰

  • Paul

    You leave us hungering for more! What color is Juan’s suit? Is there a vest? No pictures?

  • The suit is black, with a solid gray vest, white shirt, and a striped black, gray, and white tie. The delightfully friendly shop attendant that served us explained that El Padrino (the father of the bride in a Spanish wedding) should go with very little color. Subtle, but elegant, leaving the fashion spotlight for the groom. They don’t let you take photos when you’re trying on clothes in the high brow clothing shops.

    And that last sentence wasn’t at all meant to be a crack at you, the third most important man.