Sunset Season

November 16, 2007 By: erik Category: Photos, Spain, Timelapse, Videos 686 views

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SunsetFor some reason, we have really nice sunsets this time of year. Plus, I become more aware of them because, around 18:00, my computer monitor gets bathed in gold light. The rest of the year the light from the sunset is blocked, by another part of the building, from entering my office window. These are some photos I took over the past couple weeks and a video I made last night.

Darn cranes!



Nice crepuscular action here.



This was the beginnings of the sunset last night. I immediately recognized a potential timelapse video.





This is the view from one floor up. Next time I’ll have to record the video from up here.



Here’s the video. Like the one I made last year, it’s not really a timelapse video. It’s a regular speed video that’s been sped up.

Bonus points for anyone that can identify the soundtrack.

  • Very nice.

  • Alan

    This is killing me…

    Kill Bill?

  • Close! Newer film.

  • At least you’re still getting some light in at 18:00. The sun over here is blocked by the buildings behind our house just after 16:00, we still have light, but no sun. Nice pics. No idea on the soundtrack. 🙂

  • The soundtrack is by Moby, from the movie Bourne Ultimatum. Here’s a full version.

  • Alaskan Uncle Steve

    You are the only person that I know that would think to take a picture of your camera … taking a picture…

    …and I mean that in an entirely complimentary way…

    People with no inhibitions whatsoever about doing weird things (yet safe; if we don’t count you considering running with the bovines anyway) are harder to come by every day….

  • Um, thanks?