Frame Breaking 2

November 30, 2007 By: erik Category: Flickr, Geeky, Photos, Photoshop 1,554 views

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It’s time for another episode of Frame Breaking. Previously on Frame Breaking…

I looked through my entire library, and really didn’t find many photos with 3D frame bursting action. So I had to borrow a few from Jane, of pimento cheese fame. She has photos of all kinds of strange objects. Hopefully she won’t sue me for copyright infringement.

Donkey Frame Break

The first is a young “burrito” from our visit to the livestock fair. This was particularly hard photo to frame break because of how hard it was to cut out just the donkey’s head, with all his little hairs sticking out. I think I didn’t a fairly good job, but I’m not very pleased with it overall. Original photo.

I also tried to cut out this plant from a photo Jane took, but it was too fuzzy and was impossible to cut without the dark background coming through.

Parrot Frame Break

Handling a parrot in Venezuela. It’d be a better photo if it weren’t for that girl checking me out. I love how, at the time of this post at least, the parrot is looking warily behind him at the BITWRATHPLOOB. Original photo.

Hot Chocolate Frame Break

This one was easy, and has a natural third axis that makes the break look believable. Original photo by Jane.

Cheverolet Frame Break

I like this one a lot. The orthogonal nature of the subject made it a prime candidate for frame breaking. Original photo by Jane.

That’s all for this episode! Vote for your favorite in the comments.

  • I’m calling my lawyer.

  • Does is work in IE6?

  • Jane: I’ll have my people talk to your people. The folks here in the Mediterranean are good at making offers you can’t refuse.

    Hubbers: No, it doesn’t work in IE6. Luckily, on this website, I’m not trying to sell something to the majority of web users, so I don’t have to cater to crappy browsers like that.

    Those people are free to shove their browsers click on the images and see them with a white background on Flickr. I think the effect of the objects breaking the lines of the web page design is worth it.

  • Betsy

    I still have IE 6.0 and it shows up fine.

  • Paul

    I like the subtleness of the spoon, but my vote goes to the Chevy shadow.

  • Oh yes, voting. I like them all. I admire greatly the detail work on the first one but, like Paul, I think the Chevy might be my favorite.

  • My favorite is the parrot, despite the woman distractingly checking out your American buttocks.

    Second favorite is gorgonzola.

  • Paul

    I think you photoshopped the parrot onto the empty back of your hand.

    In the house today we have cheddar, gouda, and shredded cheddar.