Best speech I've heard in a long time

January 04, 2008 By: erik Category: Internet, Politics, Stuff I Found, USA 618 views

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I honestly cannot recall ever being so moved by a speech given by a politician as I was watching Barack Obama’s Iowa victory speech on YouTube. The speaking abilities of Barack Obama and George W. Bush are completely on opposite ends of the scale. Tell me honestly, can you imagine Hillary, or any other candidate for that matter, giving such an eloquent address?

The Digg comments say a lot about how people have been affected by this particular oration. I suggest you read them.

No president I can remember has given a speech this passionate and motivating, certainly no one with the last name Reagan, Bush, or Clinton…and Willy had some serious charisma!

No matter you political leanings, you gotta give da’bama some credit for a killer speech.

  • Jake

    That was fantastic and I couldn’t have said your comments better myself.

  • I had heard about the speech but had not heard it until now, so thanks for making it available for my lazy self. I turned off the tv before the results came in because I couldn’t take any more of the prognosticating and speculating and whatnot.

    It is, without a doubt, one of the best speeches I have ever heard a politician make. It is particularly refreshing coming on the heels of this completely terrifying program that happened to be on tv last night as well.

  • Paul’s accidentally deleted comment:

    That got my vote.

  • Yes, I watched that live last Tuesday night and the next morning I was telling the guys at the office that no matter what your political views are you have to agree with one thing… that man can give a damn speech.

    I don’t know if you remember the speech he gave at the last Democratic convention. I couldn’t move until he was done. When he was done, I went and did some research to find out about this person that I knew very little about.

    When he speaks you almost think that you are hearing an excerpt from a famous speech. Something along the lines of “Ask not what your country can do for you” or “I have a dream”.

  • Link to a highlights video of his speech at Democratic convention.
    Whomever made the video put some music to it and at times it’s hard to hear his speech at times, but adds a nice effect.