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A “gravatar” is a “globally recognized avatar“. I can’t remember why I signed up at about six months ago. Last October, the company that runs WordPress, the software that runs this blog, bought, so it’s not surprising that there is a WordPress plugin to support gravatars. When I noticed that the new version of my comment preview plugin supports gravatars, I thought I’d give them a try here on my blog. I might not keep them, but it’s a fun novelty for now. As implied, your gravatar should show up on other websites too, especially as Metcalfe’s Law takes effect and more sites adopt them.

So go sign up and set your avatar for my blog comments!

  • I already have a gravatar, since Frogster uses them. Let’s see if it works over here. You should come and see what I have in my kitchen…it’s good enough to drool over. 🙂

  • Yes, Theresa, I saw what you have in your kitchen yesterday. I almost left a “it rhymes with ‘Ramón verano'” comment, but I figured I’d respect your request for silence from the Spain-enlightened.

  • Trying again. I wonder if it will work now.

    I’m just going to fill up your site with inane comments* until this gravatar thing works for me.

    *Indistinguishable from all of my other commenting of course.

  • Good work, Jane! You’re all avatarred and feathered now.

    Of course the avatars for all your previous comments haven’t changed because you didn’t register that email address.

  • Nice. I’ll have to check on adding this to my site.

  • Betsy

    I wanted to comment so I can see what happens if I don’t have a gravatar. On my pc Alan’s shows up as a box with a red X that says “No Gravatar” if you hover over it. Could be my ageing IE. Wait a minute, I just slid down and noticed that my gravatar seems to be a baboon face. D’you do that Erik?

  • Betsy

    Now it is a scrambled human face like someone in Witness Protection who is being interviewed on tv. I’d better stop complaining and just go pick my own . . .

  • That’s pretty weird that you didn’t see Alan’s avatar, since he was having problems seeing it himself.

    Mom, you should leave the “url” field blank, since you don’t have a website. You’ve been submitting all your comments with my blog’s url, which is incorrect. That’s why it’s showing my pixelated favicon as your avatar.

  • Betsy

    Just checking to see if my new Gravatar shows up.

  • Just so you all know, if you’ve done it right, and signed up on will the same email address you comment with, then the avatar will show up on all your existing comments, so you don’t have to leave a new one to check it.

    You can check if you’ve set it properly by going here and entering your email address.

  • Paul

    Ah, very nice. Now all your readers can know what I look like.

  • Erik: Yeah. It was totally the email address.

  • I also had one but it wasn’t set up correctly. Have since updated it to the usual pic of my bald head.

    Especially like the way it fell back to the favicon from banglebangle but since it was optimised for a much smaller resolution it looked kak.

    Another nice find Mr Rasmussen.

  • Admin

    checking gravatar