Expensive Coaster

February 26, 2008 By: erik Category: House, Photos, Spain 638 views

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The other day I had a beer in hand and was looking around for a coaster to set it on. I couldn’t find one, so I had to make do with the paper I had just lying around the house.
Expensive Coaster

I’m accepting donations to buy me a coaster….or at least some better beer.

  • Heather

    Oh my gosh San Miguel is YUMMY, it’s the ONLY beer I like….

    What kind of coaster do you want????

  • Uh…you have 100 euro just lying around, and you want US to give YOU money for coasters?

  • Yes, Simon, that was the source of the humor.

    The above picture really did occur, it was only when I went back for the beer did I think it might make a neat photo. I can’t remember what we were counting out euros for. Such a high percentage of Spanish transactions are done in cash, one must have fairly large amounts of cash on hand at all times. Personally, I’d prefer not to.

    San Miguel is the cheapest, most readily available lager in Spain. It’s still way better than the name brand lagers in the US, though.

  • Ahhhh, “humor”, you say? No wonder I got confused.
    It’s interesting how different countries prefer to use different payment methods, isn’t it? In the UK cheques (or “checks”) are still fairly common, whereas in many other European countries they’re seen as something out of the stone age…
    As for better beer, well, you know where to come for that, don’t you?

  • As of today the money pictured here is worth THREE 50-dollar bills in USD. Greeeaaaat.

  • marga

    Cariño, you get paid in dollars and spend money in euros. This is not good news for you. It is teeeeeerrrrible!

  • I’m currently taking donations of Euros for my trip to Ireland. So I’d be happy to relieve you of your burdensome makeshift coaster.

  • Looks like I picked a great time to go shopping in New York…

  • Yep, and Andrea picked a bad time to go to Ireland.

    No, that’s not true. There’s never a bad time to go to Ireland.