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Cookie CrustLast night Marga made a cheesecake for tonight’s dinner party. The tiled cookie crust looked like photographic fodder, so I took a few shots. Just before serving, the dish that it’s in will be turned upside down, leaving the crust you see here on the bottom of the cake. I can’t wait!
Cookie Crust

  • More pictures to follow, I hope. I’d love to have the recipe.

  • Yum. I too would love to see the recipe for this.

  • Oh yes, we must have a recipe for that. 🙂

  • First requests first…more photos!


    Flipped. Goldfish accessory is optional.

    Cheesecake Serving

    One serving. Yummy!

    I’ll be sure to pay closer attention and get the recipe next time this gets made, and I’ll share it here for all of you.