Surely that seems possible

March 20, 2008 By: erik Category: Geeky, Internet, Music, News 3,103 views

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This happens time and time again.

Back in 1995, when I got in trouble for connecting my computer to the computer of my hallmate with an arcnet cable because we were “breaking curfew” at the boarding school, we thought, “What we really need is a radio transmitter and receiver to connect our network cards to. Surely that seems possible!”

And a few years later, Wi-Fi was born.

Back in 1997, when my friends and I first got comfortable with listening to music in this newfangled “M-P-Three” format, we all looked at our portable CD players and Walkmans and said, “What we really need is a little hard drive that we can carry around that will play these MP3 files! Surely that seems possible.”

A few years later, the iPod became ubiquitous.

Back in 2006, I looked at my MP3 player, my cell phone, my camera and said, “What we really need is one device that does all these things and has no keypad! Surely that seems possible.”

One year later, the iPhone was introduced.

Back in 2002 when we could share play songs off each others’ iTunes libraries over a local network, we all said, “What we really need is to be able to do this over the internet AND DOWNLOAD THE SONGS into our own libraries! Surely that seems possible.”

And now we have…..Mojo.

And let me tell you, it really works. Go watch the screencasts. Simply put:

With Mojo, you can play and download songs from your friends’ computers…over the internet.

Needless to say, there will be some parties that would prefer this level of sharing not exist, the same parties that have done their best to forestall the inevitable dawn of this day. Progress like this always has its minority of losers. The sooner they get over it, the better off they’ll be.

I’m so happy that another one of these “Surely that seems possible” items has been checked off the list! Thanks to sgazzetti for enlightening me and sharing his library with me.

  • “Progress like this always has its minority of losers…”

    The only possible downside to this that I can see is how it allows all of your friends to see all of the dirty little [coughcoughBackstreetcoughBoyscough] secrets hidden away in your iTunes library.

    That’s what you meant by “minority of losers”, right?

    Other than that, it is damn cool.

  • No, that’s not what I meant, sgazzetti.

    The download speeds are really quite good. And the streaming starts almost immediately, except for on your Michael Bolton Box Set. Was the 512kbps bit rate really necessary?

  • Hey, when I feel like walking in Memphis, I want the highest possible fidelity.

  • What I need is a hoverboard. Surely that seems possible?

  • This sounded cool until I realized that it was designed for the 6+ percent of the world that uses macs. Bummer.

    I console myself with the knowledge that if the 0.5 beta doesn’t look any worse than the 0.4, I’m a couple of hours of free time away from moving to Songbird as my main music manager. I’ve been generally happy with iTunes’ flexibility, but am sick of loading something with the memory footprint of Photoshop to hear a song. And just this morning, that f’er Jobs tried to sneak Safari onto my computer — my PC — via the auto update software that comes with iTunes.

    And also I ramble when I’m tired.

  • Yeah, I heard about that Safari fiasco. Seems a little underhanded in a Microsoft kinda way.

    Don’t worry, Lance, you unwashed heathen savage. I won’t try to convert you…yet.

    The truth is that now that the concept and protocol for a service such as Mojo has been cracked, it won’t take long at all for a Windows equivalent.

  • Saw mention of a Windows beta in the Mojo forums. And, for absolutely all that it is worth, I was raised on macs (after an initial stint with a Ti-99 4/A); I am converted. 🙂