Four Unrelated Photographs

May 20, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photos 422 views

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Just four photos I’ve taken around the house recently: two of the natural world, and two of human creations.
Countryside From My Window

The view of the nearby hills out my living room window. Those little white dots are sheep, I think.


Clouds out the window through a champagne glass. We tried out our new champagne glasses that we got as a wedding gift, trying to get rid of that New Years champagne before June. I love how evenly spaced the bubbles are.

boqi pod!

boqi pod! That’s a funny word both backwards and upside down. My ancient mobile phone sitting on my ancient first gen iPod.

Santoña Sunset

Looking out my window towards Santoña. We can’t see the sun as it sets this time of year.

  • When I mentioned FOTC ringtones to you and you replied to say that your mobile was an ancient Nokia, I pictured exactly that model. I had that same one for ages, and would still have if its batteries hadn’t completely fizzled and I found that replacing the batteries cost about as much a whole new phone. Too bad, because those are bulletproof. That’s a seriously rugged survivor of a cell phone you’ve got there.

    Come to think of it, I DO still have that phone. It’s Adam’s ‘pretend’ mobile, but with a replacement battery it’d be back in business.

  • I used the hell out of that phone as well.

    Love the champagne bubbles.