Two Flowers

July 04, 2008 By: erik Category: Geeky, Science, Timelapse, Videos 604 views

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thumbnailNow this is a timelapse flower movie! Four hours and thirteen minutes, one photograph every minute. I’m so pleased with the result! The animation is smooth and perfectly captures nature’s beauty. What’s rather amazing is that there is motion between every single frame. The cactus never spent a full minute motionless. Absolutely gorgeous!

Cactus Cam Productions - Studio B

Cactus Cam Productions – Studio B. When I brought the cactus inside, I also brought some sort of colony of insects that I never saw, but show up in the first few frames of the video crawling around on the black chest. You may have to watch the full resolution version to see them. When they stop is when I sprayed some insecticide around the area.

The other five flowers – as you may recall, there are seven – look like they will open tonight. They always open at night. The video above, for example, spans from 20:18 to 4:31. I don’t know about this cactus’ allegiances, but it sure seems to be celebrating the United States Independence Day.

  • I love it.

  • Jake

    Speaking of independence day, are we to assume burgers on the menu?

  • Pop Paul

    Very nice. I would have commented on your fine video when I first saw this post this morning, but my anti-spam word was “Lovely”, and that was going to be my comment. So much for that. This time I got “bollard”. Bollard. Bollard. I can’t say it enough.

    Your Ma and I are at your G’ma’s, where we golfed today, and will golf again tomorrow. Your 83 year-old grandmother shot another 93. She started with a triple and a bogey, but then got back-to-back birdies to right the ship. This time (unlike last time) I beat her though.

    Happy B-Day, America. May you live another 232 years.

    No burgers at G’ma’s house, Jake. Cold oriental shrimp salad instead.