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Burns Simpson 2008

October 02, 2008 By: erik Category: Funny, Morphing, Photoshop, Politics, USA

Burns Simpson 2008In the interest of fairness, I had no choice but to do a Simpsons morph with the Republican presidential running mates. Last week, I created Carlson Leonard 2008 to mock the Democratic party, so now it’s the GOP’s turn. There was only one obvious choice of a Simpsons character to morph Sarah Palin into. She’s a polite, simple mother with a huge towering beehive hairdo. Hmm…who does that remind you of? As for John McCain, it was close between Grandpa Simpson and Mr. Burns. In the end, Mr. Burns’ solid hairline and general demeanor won. Unfortunately, I could not find very high resolution images of the Mr. Burns or Marge, so the result is pretty low res. Without further ado…

iPhone, Flickr, Mobile Fotos, Flickramio, and Google Maps Solve Science Mystery

October 01, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Flickr, Geeky, Reviews, Science, Weird

Light blue pathThe other day, my wife and I went for a walk around town that put us out by the docks as the tide was coming in. I noticed a really strange streak of light blue water, and we stood there to ponder explanations. The first guess was some sort of warmer current, but it doesn’t make immediate sense to me that the reflective tone of the water would change that much with temperature. My second thought was that a fishing boat had gone by and left a contaminate on the surface. The third conclusion that we were happiest with at the time was that it was a matter of depth, that the water was deeper where the color appeared lighter. I took a photo of the phenomenon with my iPhone, geotagged it, and uploaded it to Flickr all before leaving the pier.