Frosty Crystals

December 29, 2008 By: erik Category: Funny, Photos 140 views

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Introducing Frosty Crystals™, the newest most revitalizing breakfast cereal from Morning Guru, Inc., the international leader of New Age products for the breakfast table, makers of the widely popular and ridiculously overpriced Astral Toaster™ and Lotus Leaf Jam™. Do you feel tired in the mornings immediately after returning to your physical body and getting out of bed? If so, our experts are certain that you suffer from Droopy Aura Syndrome. Frosty Crystals™ is the only proven cure for D.A.S. Proven!! In a laboratory! At MG Labs, we use the strictest procedures to absolutely guarantee the results we want. Nine out of ten of the most respected New Age gurus in Los Angeles – that we paid a large sum money to agree with us – agree that there is absolutely no alternative. Not only do Frosty Crystals™ taste great, but there is so much energy and love flowing through each Frosty Crystal™ that you will be filled with such warmth and energy1 that your aura will be beaming through all planes of existence. Remember how your horoscope said you’d have to make an important decision soon? This is it! Stop making the same energy-draining mistakes you’ve made in all your past lives. Give us your money and feel great! Buy Frosty Crystals™ today!

May contain shards of glass.

1Feeling of warmth may be from internal bleeding.

It was cold this Christmas. These are some frost photos I took, which resulted in the title of the post, which resulted in the introduction.

Frosty Crystals

They all suffer from a pretty small depth of field.

Frosty Crystals

The sunlight makes this the warmest one of the set.

Frosty Crystals


  • simon

    Frost rules.

  • Hubbers

    Nice photos