First Crib Ornament

March 09, 2009 By: erik Category: Family, House, Offspring, Photos 264 views

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Crib OrnamentNora, my dear, we’ve finally got your bed ready for you when you decide it’s time to enter this bright and chilly world. While you’re in there becoming a Kung Fu master (seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if you emerged with a ninja mask on), your mother and I are out here getting things as ready as we can for your arrival.

The first blanket you will sleep under in this house was a gift from your Abuela, Marce. It’s got three little bears and some balloons and is suitably adorable and infantile. And soft! I don’t recall things being so soft in my childhood. Science has really come a long way in the field of fabric softness in my lifetime.

Your first crib ornament is a giraffe that clips onto the side of your crib wall. It was a gift from your great aunt, Marga. There’s no doubt that she will be your favorite great aunt, as she seems incapable of curbing her addiction of buying you gifts. I doubt that, later in life, you will be able to recall a visit from her from your childhood when she didn’t have a present for you.
Crib Ready

Crib blanket.

Crib Ornament

Crib giraffe, waiting patiently to make friends with you.

Crib Ornament Legs

What I love about this particular object is the cleverness of the clipping mechanism. At first glance, I thought it would be velcro, but it turns out to be little magnets sewn snugly in its feet that hold the feet together around the bar. So you can tear it off the bar without damaging anything and you don’t have the rough half of a velcro pair to deal with.

  • Paul

    Very nice! That blanket even appears soft, and the crib looks lovely. I can’t quite categorize the giraffe’s expression though – is that bemusement?

  • Nice. When Nora gets older she’s going to have fun playing with those magnetic feet too. As for the expression, it looks harmless. This is no evil giraffe.

  • Paul

    It probably wasn’t actually necessary to use burlap for your first few years, but your Ma and I were trying to hold down expenses.

  • The burlap was just on the Good Behavior days, as I recall. The sharp gravel underneath still poked through sometimes.

  • Burlap. Hahahahahahaha, Paul.

    This is a very, very sweet post, Erik. I am startled to suddenly realize how soon Nora will be joining us on the outside. (But I’ll bet I’m not as startled as you and Marga are.)

  • aquariumdrinker

    This is a great post; I look forward to seeing Nora’s story unfold. What are your thoughts on the safety of having blankets and such in the crib? AT and I didn’t follow the hard line position, but we did remove the bumper, blanket and toys once she was able to move around in the crib, and didn’t put stuff back until about 1 year.

    *checks Flickr account to make sure this is at least arguably true*

    Yes sir, 1 year.