A Moment in Time at IWUS Headquarters

April 20, 2009 By: erik Category: Geeky, Stuff I Found, Videos, Weird 159 views

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This video represents a snapshot of what it’s like at the IWUS International Headquarters all the time.

I have a mostly passive interest in film making, and particularly the art of special effects. I know how they did the time freezing effect in The Matrix– which is ten years old, by the way – and I know how they do the virtual camera flying through small spaces first seen in Fight Club and made ubiquitous by CSI. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out how this film was made. Computer rendering, particularly of humans, is not yet (I think!) to the level of detail exhibited in this video. They can’t be using a morph between multiple cameras, like The Matrix, because the camera pans around to show where it has already been. Not to mention, there’s no way you could time such a moment with so many actors so perfectly. Does anyone know how this was done? In the absence of any more clues, I’d have to conclude that the entire thing is a computer model….which would be truly astounding.

  • Pretty stunning. By the way, CG rendering of humans to that level is possible (epscially if it’s all basically one still image – it’s animation that breaks the illusion). You saw Benjamin Button, didn’t you? His head was entirely CGI for the first third of the movie.
    I’ve been googling but haven’t found anything yet on how it was done, although there seem to be a couple of moments where they could have joined several shots together. My guess is that each scene was set up and shot separately and then a LOT of compositing work was done afterwards.

  • I was hoping that you’d answer my call, Simon. As my only reader in the IMDB, I value your movie-nerd opinion.

    I, too, noticed the “seams” when they went through doorways or windows that would have allowed for a cut. Also, good point on the “movement breaks the illusion”, as well.

    The video really is amazing, though, isn’t it?