Nora's Baptism Pictures

May 21, 2009 By: erik Category: Family, Partying, Photos, Spain 1,714 views

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Four GenerationsThere’s not much to say about Nora’s baptism that these pictures don’t say a thousand times better. The ceremony was short and boring, and the meal was delicious. I think that everyone in attendance would agree that the day was enormously fun and spent with a very loving family. I could think of no happier way to spend a Saturday than eating and drinking well surrounded by people whom I love and who love me so much.
Baptism Ceremony

The wetting of the babe.

Free of Sin

Nora was looking pretty stunning in her baptism gown.

Abuelo, Joyce, and Betsy

Marga’s grandfather with my grandmother and mother.

Man Kiss

My father gives Marga’s grandfather a kiss. I translated a nice long conversation between them before they “got physical”.

Loving Grandfather

A proud grandfather with his granddaughters.

Four Generations

Four generations. Nora, her parents, her four grandparents, and two great grandparents.

The Gang

The whole gang that was in attendance, minus a few stragglers.

There are 86 photos in all. You can browse them by thumbnails, or watch a slideshow.

Thank you to all who attended. And thank you to blogrollmate Sharon for showing up to chat with us.

  • Paul

    Thank you for translating that nice long conversation for us. He is a fascinating person. He congratulated me on turning 60, and I complimented him on how young he seemed to be. He whipped out his wallet to prove his age to me, dropping his license on the floor as he did so. In less than a second he stooped to pick it up and show it to me. What knees! He turns 89 on June 12th. Then he told you that you didn’t need to translate this next part, and you turned away. He was absolutely correct. With a subtle hand gesture and one raised eyebrow, he asked me if I was still able to “get it up”, and I understood him instantly. “Si, si, no hay problema. El toro!”, I bragged. He tapped his chest, shrugged his shoulders, teared up his eyes in that way of his, shook his head and said “No mas”.

    Treasure your time with that man.

  • Paul

    Where is the family patriarch in that group shot? Taking the picture?

  • Yeah, he was missing in action for that group shot. Perhaps his octogenarian bladder called him away. It’s a pity, but that’s why he’s in almost every other shot in this post.

  • Amy Swor

    Beautiful pictures from Nora’s Baptism. Obviously with the turnout, a very caring and loving family indeed. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    I noticed in the pictures that Nora was once again wearing those pretty pearl earrings presumably from someone in the family. Recall you had her ears pierced when she was a week old, but the nurse had pierced one slight off center picked up by your wife and you removed them. When did you have her ears pierced again? How did she do this time with the ear piercing? She really looks very feminine with those pearls and like a little cherub.

    You can send an e-mail answering my query if you have a moment. Really think your wife is smart for having Nora’s ears pierced as a newborn.



  • Amy, I’ll answer here because others might have the same question. We waited until she was about 5 weeks old to pierce her ears again. This time we went to a pharmacy, they marked her ear lobes with a ballpoint pen, verified that we were happy with the positioning, and then carried her off to a back room somewhere while we paced nervously. About 15 minutes later, they brought her back out, calm, but with some tears drying on her cheeks. They had put some “medicinal” earrings as placeholders, which we left in for 3 weeks. You are correct that the ones above were given to us by a cousin.

  • Amy Swor


    First thanks for writing back. You’ve answered my questions.

    Second, like Nora, mine were pierced at days old too, but my mom the old fashioned way with a needle, thread and then gold earrings afterwards.

    Third, I was always told the most important reason to pierce newborns was to show they are loved by their family especially in a male dominated society.

    Lastly, there is no question Nora is precious with those pearl earrings given to her by her cousin. By having her ears pierced again for her Baptism, you’ve reaffirmed the bond from her very loving family to Nora, you and your wife.