Two Months Old

May 25, 2009 By: erik Category: News, Offspring, Photos, Videos 286 views

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Two Months OldFor Nora’s two month birthday, her parents feasted on cheeseburgers, champagne, and strawberries. Nora behaved herself all day and even allowed her mother to read a couple hundred pages, a feat that left Marga in a wonderful mood all day. The weather was dismal and drizzly, but we had an excellent day. In the evening, I attempted a passport photoshoot with the birthday girl. Below I present a video slideshow of the photos I took.
Two Months Old

This is very worth seeing in HD. The soundtrack is a live concert intro to a favorite song of mine.

  • Betsy

    Will any of these shots work for the passport?

  • costarossa

    OMG, I missed it all!!! You are parents now and your girl is growing! She even has earrings! :) Very, very sweet, you have done a great job of procreation. :)

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