Three Months Old

June 24, 2009 By: erik Category: Family, Offspring, Partying, Photos 719 views

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Three Months OldToday is a big day. First of all, it’s Saint John’s Day (San Juan), which is a holiday in many, many Spanish towns and cities, including León, Mondragón and Colindres. San Juan is a thinly veiled pagan solstice celebration including local witch-burning bonfires. So all the shops are closed and everyone (except me) is off work today.

Secondly, later today there will be a fíºtbol match between Spain and the United States of America. I plan on taking my miniature American flag to a local bar to get ridiculed. Nora, being half-Spanish and half-American, will have allegiance issues. I’ve already made a bet for a beer with a friend, and he gave me a one-goal spread. Sounds expected to leave my mouth this afternoon: USA! USA! USA! Awwww…

Thirdly, Nora turned three months old today. Naturally we had another party. This time she was fully awake, but no where near fully aware. At her three-month checkup the other day she was only at the 10th percentile of weight. This means she needs to start eating more or risk getting beaten up by the other kids on the playground.

Three Months Old

The party did not start well.

Three Months Old

Three months old!

Three Months Old

Marga tans quicker than Nora or I.

Three Months Old

Birthday girl close-up.

Three Months Old

The old wrist suck. I was proficient at this maneuver at her age as well.

Three Months Old

“Mommy, what’s that on your head?”

A three-month-old fist 'bout to knock you out!

If you don’t get that camera out of my face, this fist will!

Happy birthday, Nora! Let’s go watch some fíºtbol!

  • maybe you won’t be as ridiculed as you first thought… they’re actually winning at the moment! oh, and happy third month birthday nora!

  • 2-0 USA! Woohoo!!! Definitely unsuspected.

    I received some disapproving glances with my US flag at the bar, but nothing hostile. Once again I’m left wondering what the Spanish word for “hubris” is…

  • My wife says it’s “soberbia” like my wish to live in the outskirts, and not in the center of town, and drive a large Chevy 4×4. Oh, wait, that’s suburbia.

    What I find interesting about this win: In Spain, this was news from the instant the second goal was marked made by the U.S. and definitely by the end of the game.
    But not in the U.S., until at least an hour, to a day later, if then.

  • What a beauty Nora is!

    And of course, Marga looks 10 times better at 3 months postpartum than I do at almost 6 months postpartum. Jealous.

  • Happy monthaversary!
    Also, I look forward to a post sometime soon (unless you’ve done one already and I missed it) on how Spaniards count with their fingers. Brits and Americans start with their index finger, Italians do it starting with their thumb, but Spaniards start with their little finger…?

  • Ah, soberbia is the word for the Deadly Sin. I wanted more of the Ancient Greek tone to it, though.

    Heh, score one for Wikipedia. I looked up “hubris” and clicked over to the Spanish article, titled “hibris“.

    Simon, I noticed that strangeness in my wife only as we were posing for that photo. She, upon reading your comment, told me that she’d never noticed that I did it differently. I’ll have to do some street interviews and compose a blog post.

  • Josh

    Ahhh, the “s word” has been getting a workout today. It’s funny how personally people seem to be taking the defeat. This is where the whole “progressive” American resentment comes out of the woodwork. (My rebuttal, that a team which plays poorly should expect to lose, doesn’t seem to provide much consolation.)

    Simon, I’d never thought of it before, but you’re spot on with the counting analysis.

  • Godfather Tom

    Man, that’s gotta be the whitest baby ever. Who’s her Momma really? Actually what’s gonna happen on the playground is “… lets go beat up the skinny kid with the sunburn”. But I have to admit that she is a cutie. I am a little concerned that she’s going to grow up thinking life is one big party (particularly after the August vacation). Love from here.

  • If anyone is keeping track…I think I may be Italian. Starting with the thumb always seemed more natural to me. Although my parents taught me the “American” way. (My Dad on his left hand, my Mom on her right.)

  • And then, of course, there’s hybris, when you think your Toyota Prius will pay for itself before its batteries have to be replaced.

  • Haha! Good one, Ray.