Zapatero's Daughters

September 26, 2009 By: erik Category: Complaining, Funny, Photos, Spain, USA 18,153 views

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thumbDear President Barack Obama,

I am writing to you on behalf of a friend of mine, Andrés, who works at the local grocery store and who helped get you elected by witnessing my absentee ballot when I voted for you. After the recent political scandal involving photos of President Zapatero’s daughters with you, he felt such shame and embarrassment that he asked me to write to you on behalf of himself and all Spaniards to apologize and to inform you that all Spaniards are not as rude and disrespectful as Zapatero’s daughters…well maybe all the teenagers.

While Spain enjoys a similar freedom of the press (I think you can still be fined for publishing material insulting the royal family) as the First Amendment grants Americans, Zapatero has specifically asked all media outlets to refrain from publishing any photographs of his daughters, who are currently 13 and 16. If you can believe it, without any official laws on the books [UPDATE: This is incorrect. There is a law in Spain that protects all minors from having their photos published.], the Spanish media actually respects the wishes of the president and does not publish their images anywhere. I know, what’s that about, right? Hence the mild vortex of scandal when the White House released a photo of his daughters (perfectly within your rights, of course) and the Spanish media published it, with his daughters’ faces pixelated to protect their identities. Zapatero mistakenly stirred up a kerfuffle about it, thus lending importance to the photo. He has now released a statement saying that he understands why the Spanish media published the photos and has explicitly thanked the media outlets that had the respect to not publish it.

This spawned an obvious response of “Hey, buddy! If you’re gonna use our tax euros to fly your girls over to meet the most famous person in the world (that’s you, sir), and they publish an official picture of the encounter, you’d better believe we’re gonna publish the photos!

It just goes to show that just because you can lead a country, run a government, and command an army, doesn’t mean you can get your teenage daughters to dress in a way that they don’t look like blood-sucking vampires. You and Michelle should keep that in mind.

So anyway, on behalf of Spain and Andrés, “Sorry about that!”

Erik Rasmussen
Patriotic Expatriate

Zapatero's Daughters

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  • How’s this for political incorrectness….

    I can see why he doesn’t want their pics published!

    • Bah! A politically incorrect picture is worth a thousand politically incorrect words!

      I found this when searching for a copy of the photo on Flickr to embed here.


      • Hahahahahahaha.

        • Freedom

          hahahahahaha… in fact yes, those two kiddos are the only cool and natural thing in that picture, I like that pic much more.

  • I’m used to registering as the 3rd or 11th or even 20th viewer of a new blog entry of yours, but today I’m 179th. What is bringing people here in such volume?

    • That, my dear mother, is called good titling for google searches of a current event. I didn’t expect this much traffic, I must say.

  • Andrés

    Dear Erik,

    I am very proud and pleased of the letter you have sent to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, on behalf of me and all the spanish people. I am completely agreed with your comments and I hope all the american people understand why I apologize for the behavour of my “president” in the White House.

    P.S. I prefer the Aznar and Bush’s picture in Bush’s Texas ranch some time ago, smoking big cigars and speaking with a Mexican accent. Jose Marí­a Aznar is not a gothic.

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  • Ines

    laughing out loud and don’t know why…definatelly brought a smile to my face…can’t stop the giggles…love the post…gracias gringo 😉

  • Paul

    Excellent letter.

    You have to think the Obama girls thought this was a hoot. What their parents will allow them to get away with must have expanded slightly.

    • Maria Schez

      Well at least they dont get away with getting totally stoned at parties (G.W. Bush daughters) or being arrested and banned from driving in Italy for crazy and dangerous driving twice the speed limit (former Spain president Aznar’s son), that did embarrass me!.

      So I think I’m fine with this, personally I couldnt care less about how these girls are dressed for a pic with Obama, Queen Elizabeth or whoever.

      Btw, Erik, with your permission, I’d like to use this space in your blog to apologize in behalf of Spain to all the Italian citizens for Aznar’s son put their lives in danger on the road, especially to the ones that were driving between Florence and Pisa the day of the incident.

      Sorry… sorry, sorry 🙂

  • luis

    no, the law says that is forbidden to publish photos of minors without parental permission, so it’s true that law prohibits publishing these photos

    • Overloaded

      sad thing is that Mr. Zapatero is passing a law that allows 16 years old (like the daughter whose pics cannot be published without consent/prior pixelation) can kill their children before birth not only without their parents consent, but even without them being even aware of the fact that they are pregnant and going to abort.

      • Tom

        I don’t think that conflating unrelated issues will assist your argument. Which is unfortunate for you, given that you’re probably scraping around for every bit of supporting evidence that can help you.

        • You mean this post wasn’t obviously about abortion?

          • Christine

            Nice one =)
            You’re awesome.

      • Funny, I didn’t know that Spanish adolescents went around killing children. Wow, with that in mind it kind of makes the running with the bulls look rather tame now doesn’t it?

  • Si eres español, entenderas lo que voy a decir, de todas maneras lo pasare a ingles, me parece vergonzoso amigo que tíº pidas perdon en nombre de todos los españoles, quien eres tíº para pedir perdon en mi nombre.

    Yo no estoy avergonzado de las hijas de mi presidente, ellas se visten como les da la gana y punto. Si tu tienes verguenza es cosa tuya.

    No creo que sea ninguna barbaridad que las leyes protejan la intimidad de la Casa REal de España, ¿ Prefieres que esto acabe como Lady Diana de UK?
    De lo que estoy harto yo es de la prensa rosa y de personas desocupadas que les gusta meterse en la vida de los demas.

    Zapatero les da libertad a sus hijas para que vistan como les viene en gana.

    Lo repito, pide disculpas en nombre tuyo, solo en tu nombre, no pongas a ningun español mas por enmedio.

    Desde España Pio Valera.

    If you’re Spanish, you will understand what I will say it anyway pass English, I find it embarrassing friend you ask forgiveness on behalf of all the Spanish, who are you to ask pardon in my behalf.

    I am not ashamed of my president’s daughters, they dress as they want, period. If you have shame is your business.

    It is hardly any outrage that laws protect the privacy of the royal house of Spain, Do you prefer this ending as Lady Diana in UK?
    From what I’m sick of the press is pink and unemployed people who like to get into the lives of others.

    Zapatero gives them freedom to their daughters to dress as they feel like it.

    I repeat, I apologize on behalf of you, just your name, do not look at any Spanish but for the middle.

    From Spain Pio Valera.

    • Fiegenbaum

      Perdón compañero, pero yo sí­ me avergí¼enzo de esta foto. A mí­ personalmente me da igual si a estas niñas las están malcriando (a la vista está y no lo digo por la ropa o la estética, lo digo por la obesidad). Una imagen vale más que mil palabras y el estado de la casa de Zapatero es también el estado de España. Estas niñas, con su edad y los medios de que disponen (estilistas, cocineros que se supone que saben cocinar una dieta sana y equilibrada, modistos), están hechas un desastre. ¿Si no sabe asegurarse de criar hijas sanas, qué podemos esperar de Zapatero como gobernante?

      • Diego

        Bueno, no me extraña que te moleste el aspecto de las chicas Zapatero, vista tu intolerancia hacia algo tan comíºn como la obesidad. Vas a venir tíº a decir cómo hay que verse para no parecer un malcriado: decir eso sí­ que demuestra ser un malcriado y un maleducado. Anda ya!

        • Maria Schez

          Al hijo de Aznar lo detuvieron en Italia y le quitaron el carnet de conducir por ir como un tarado a 170 por una estatal.

          Eso si que es criar a un hijo “sano”… por cierto ¿se ha disculpado alguien a los ciudadanos italianos en nombre de España por poner en peligro algunas de sus vidas en la carretera este simpático mozalbete?

          Menos demagogia, por favor

    • Pio, I was going to respond to you in both languages, but you, and anyone reading this far down the page, obviously have a good grasp of English, so I’ll stick to English.

      Andrés really did ask me to write a letter on behalf of his countrymen, because Andrés has a sense of humor. Of course these two girls can dress however they want. However, in the realm of international politics, protocol, and etiquette, there are common understandings as to what clothing is appropriate. If Obama came to the G20 summit wearing a clown outfit or with his shirt completely unbuttoned, it would be seen as disrespectful. There is a line there somewhere, and the Zapatero girls (I guess their first last name is actually Rodrí­guez, no?) almost crossed it.

      In my opinion, yes, it is an outrage (great translation for barbaridad!) that there are privacy laws that protect one family more than all the others. In a 21st century democracy, laws should apply to all families equally.

      • MCriss

        Sorry, my English is not very good. I’m Spanish.

        The daughters of President Zapatero are free to dress as they like at home. In a public ceremony where they represent Spain must comply with the protocol. As I am ashamed of the Spanish photo. There is freedom and obligation. This time it was the duty of the protocol. The rest of the trip can dress as they like. This is the first picture I see of the daughters of the president of my country. It were better that girls do not attend the public act as they always do.

      • Enrique

        Absolutely agree with you, Erik. I am ashamed of the photo too (although more ashamed of our President\’s words at the G20).

        • Meeeow

          rotflmao… you guys are funny so worried by the way people dresses here and there… I bet Americans are so offended!!

          r u already looking for vacancies at the Royal House as protocol advisers? (it’s a position of great important for the benefit of the entire world)

          “As Miss Banana County 2009, I promise I will always look proper and pretty and get the peace in the world…” hahahahahahahahaha

      • Meeeow

        Erik, Spanish law about pictures of children are the same for everyone. You can not publish a picture of an under 18 on a public media without the permission of their parents. That applies for the president of Spain, the sons and daughters of celebrities and absolutely any other citizen.

        Zapatero and his wife have always stated that they dont want their daughters to be public persons since the day he became president in 2004, when the girls were then 8 and 10 years old.

        Spanish press politically opposite to zapatero knows it and is plenty aware of it. We had never seen these girls before, and everybody respected the decission.

        Now, big mistake, this picture is taken at the Metropolitan Museum of New York (not in the White House, not at the UN, not at any official reception)… Spanish press politically oposite to Zapatero exclame: jackpot! Zapatero’s daughters are chubby and goth! and they publish the photo while starting a mockery campaing at the expense of the teenagers.

        That is the kind of press we have in Spain and the reason why we need this law about children pictures on the media. I wish I could say it’s an exception! But no, we have seen other children bullyied in the media before *SIGH*

        So basically you are right, I hope one day we reach the 21st century and dont need this law anymore.

        Sorry for such a long explanation… zzzz zzz zzzzzzZZZZZZ :O

    • Carolina

      Pí­o, a mí­ Sí que me da vergí¼enza la vestimenta de las hijas de Zapatero… imagino que para un entierro si se les ocurre ir vestidas de faralaes y cantar a díºo el “no estaba muerto estaba de parranda…” te parecerá estupendo, pero va a ser que no… creo que ZP debe tener un asesor de protocolo que cobrará al mes una pasta de todos los españoles, pues a ver si le hace caso…
      Las niñas deberí­an haber estado en el cole, son ví­ctimas circunstanciales de la poca cabeza de su padre que las ha puesto en espetera por:
      1._ Haber dejado que viajaran con ellos en vez de dejarlas en el cole.
      2.- Haber dejado que asistieran a actos oficiales y por lo tanto darles rango de representación de España.
      3.- Haberlas dejado vestir de forma ridí­cula y muy poco conveniente, cada lugar requiere de una vestimenta: es una forma de respeto mí­nima y universal.
      Nadie puede hablar por todos los españoles, tíº tampoco, pero te aseguro que muchos agradecemos que alguien pida disculpas por el proceder de nuestro presidente por lo paleto y la vergí¼enza que él nos está haciendo pasar ante el mundo.

      • Kitten

        1- Viajaron con ellos porque estaban invitadas, y no faltaron al colegio para irse de discotecas por ahí­, tuvieron el privilegio de ver una cumbre internacional de la ONU, visitaron el Museo Metropolitan… si eso no es educativo, que baje Dios y lo vea. Los apuntes del insti que se perdieron se los puede pasar cualquiera. Es la razón más estíºpida para criticar esta foto que me he encontrado (tranquila, no es sólo tuya, probablemente se la habrás escuchado a algíºn otro “iluminado”)

        2- Efectivamente, esta fotografí­a fue un error, porque vivimos en un pais de marujas y deberí­an haber sabido que se iba a montar. Pero aclararte que está hecha en un museo al que asistieron los zapatero a nivel privado tras la cumbre, no en la Casa Blanca, ni en la ONU, y su oficialidad es muy discutible, aunque en Estados Unidos la regla es fotografiar toda actividad del presidente con sus invitados. Existe una fotografí­a oficial de Zapatero, su mujer y los Obama siendo recibidos para la conferencia, sin las niñas, fotografí­a que evidentemente no hemos visto porque no interesa a nadie.

        3- La gente se puede vestir como le de la gana porque estamos en un mundo libre, y que yo sepa, no ponerse corbata para un bautizo no es un delito. A ti te averguenza esta fotografí­a, a muchos otros en cambio, los que estamos hartos de protocolos y chorradas, nos hace sentir muy bien.

        y 4- Por si no lo sabes, a nadie en el extranjero, y mucho menos en EEUU, le ha importado un pijo esta dichosa fotografí­a.

        Así­ que ya puedes dejar de sentirte avergonzada, bonita

  • Andres por favor,,,, prefieres la foto de Aznar con Bush¿¿

    Me quedo sin habla….

    • Andrés

      En mi segundo y íºltimo comentario que voy a poner en el blog de mi buen amigo Erik, solo añadiré que lo íºltimo que yo querí­a generar era polémica, añadiendo un poco de humor a una situación que en tono irónico le planteé a Erik. Por lo demás, si te tomas todo tan a la tremenda, no te recomiendo que leas ni escuches lo que en la mayorí­a de medios de éste, nuestro paí­s, se dice y se comenta al respecto.

      Un saludo

      Translated by Erik:

      In my second and last comment that I’m going to put in my good friend Erik’s blog, I’d just add that the last thing I wanted was to generate scandal, adding a little humor to a situation in an ironic tone was how I presented it to Erik. As for the rest, if you take everything as so tremendous, I recommend that you avoid reading or listening to what the majority of the media in this, our country, says with respect to this subject.


      • Enrique

        I obviously prefer the photo of Aznar, too. I am sorry, Pio, but not everybody think as you think. The possibility of more people thinking not as you, than thinking as you, exists…

        • Meeeow

          I dont care if you prefer one of the pictures or the other.
          As long as they respect the two kids and dont bully them on the media. I do care for that, I find it horrible.

          How are children supposed to learn not to bully their school mates if they see adults doing the same to two kids on tv, internet, radio, press… ?

  • Oh. My. God…

  • Overloaded

    dear patriotic expatriate (i am one myself, but spanish in dubai, by the way)

    i just wanted to point out that your statement:
    “just because you can lead a country, run a government, and command an army, doesn\’t mean you can get your teenage daughters to dress in a way that they don\’t look like blood-sucking vampires.”
    is not really accurate.

    it should be more like in the line of “if you can’t get your teenage daughters NOT to dress in a way that they don\’t look like blood-sucking vampires, how are you going to be able to lead a country, lead a government and command an army?”

    expatriate regards!

  • Pam
    • This is what I love about the internet. The creativity and satire.

      • Pam

        Hehehe Spain is in shock rigth now!! facebook is full of fan groups of Zapatero goth daughters..

  • Alvaro

    I am Spanish, and I am really embarrased. Please Mr. Zapatero…GO AWAY!!!
    You are fucking Spain!

  • Cristina López

    Hi everybody! Here in Spain, hundred of people is posting demeaning comments, in the radio and tv, you can hear adults calling them: “ugly” “fat” “monsters” “they should have been aborted” and many other lovely things…

    These girls aged, 13 and 15, are guilty of being honest, free, guilty of ignoring the slavery of official beauty standards and ellegance protocols, guilty of not knowing about the hugeness of discrimination because of the looks our western culture is sick of, unwritten laws that state that if you do not match the “standard”, everybody has the right to hate you and insult you in public.

    For all of you, who hidden behind your computer screens write comments mocking these two kids: you are sooooo brave.

    If you think they rock on, here’s a site:


  • G.

    I am Spanish and feel completely represented by Andres’ words. We have the worst President we may be able to remember, who without any shadow of doubt would fit much better leading the clown troop in the circus than leading our country.

    So, even my opinion may not represent all Spaniards as Pio Valera says, I am one of many Spaniards ashamed of such joke of a President that we have.

    Probably have what we deserve, since we chose for the second time that retarded after his first for years leading us to the exact point where we are now, struggling to leave behind the worse crisis in decades, with our only hopes in the hands of a bunch of incompetents.

    I beg Mr. Bean Zapatero to resign and let someone competent try to fix our economy!!

    • Andrés never said anything negative about Zapatero. He said he was embarrassed that people (the daughters) representing his country in an official capacity would dress like that.

      As an American that suffered through eight years of George W. Bush, I assure you that, by comparison, you have an incredibly mature, intelligent, and effective president. Personally, I have yet to hear anything from Rajoy that suggests he’d be any better at leading a country…or clown troupe for that matter.

      • G.

        Sorry Erik, I just realized I missed something in my previous post that probably made you think I have a simpathy for Rajoy.

        Unfortunately the problem we have in Spain is not just ZP, the problem is the whole troop of so-called politicians both in PP and PSOE. If you ask me ZP and Rajoy could make a comical duet, go to Las Vegas to make a life (probably could also take ZP’s daughters for a more visual performance) and let someone with proven talent such us Gallardon or Rodrigo Rato to lead our country.

        Regarding your comparisson with G.W. Bush… well, I am not American, but from what I see and hear from my country, I can only agree that he seems to be one of the dumbest presidents the USA has ever had (and hopefully for us all will ever have). But please, trust me when I say the only reason ZP won the election in the first place was for the bombing in Madrid, without that terrorist atack the day before the election he would have never been president. Might be difficult to compare with G. W. Bush since the USA is still the leading economy in the world and the most influencial country on this planet, which can’t be said of Spain, so don’t forget ZP is the president that showed a total lack of respect towards your country in the Spanish National Day by saluting to all the countries and flags taking part in the ceremony but to the USA’s one. And ZP was the one that decided to withdraw all troops from Irak without any previous notice or coordination with our allies. Even 90% of Spanish people was against taking part in that war, we were also against quiting on our allies in that way. Even we didn’t have so many troops in there, I am sure in a war every little helps, and both americans and british were counting on those few troops we had posted over there.

  • Josh

    Although I think I’m just about as frustrated with ZP as anybody else who is suffering under his mandate, he has occasional, idealistic flashes which almost force me to admire him. While there is little doubt in my mind that he is following a disastrous, anarchic path as regards economic health, I do love that he supports his daughters when they choose to show up at the White House dressed, not as mama and papa would wish, but as they really feel they are. I wonder how many of the people moaning and complaining about this whole issue aren’t the typical 30+ year old Spaniard, still living at home, and bitter about having to comply with Mom and Dad’s aesthetic?

  • Gregorio Heces Babas

    They seems to be a mix of Fester Adams and Eduard Scissor hands

  • Simon

    If Zapetero can´t control his daughters, how is he going to control Catalunya?

  • martha

    I think that Zp daughther’s can drees like they want, but not in an important ocassion like that. For example, they could wear a normal black dress and late in their lifes they can wear those dresses! You know what i mean? They can’t wear that dresses in a VERY IMPORTANT moment like : MET OBAMA’S FAMILY :O

    • Amused Spaniard

      ROTFLMAO… hahahahahaha
      God bless these girls and Obama’s popularity… thanks to them I have listened to so many comments like this that made my day…

      Like old grannies telling their grandaughters off because their skirt is too short to go out, or their dress too old to go to the church, hahahahaha!

      • martha

        ok, if you think that is correct wear that HORRIBLE “things” to met Obams it’s your opinion! And i don’t know how old are you but i’m 16 and normally it doesn’t matter to me but the Zpdaughter’s clothes is… REALLY UGLY and they were representing Spain.

  • Maria

    Hi Erik,
    I usually read your blog and don’t leave comments (yes I am a lurker, sorry ).
    I am surprised about some comments I read here. I like the post, because it’s says everything I think about the this famous foto. The girls should have dressed according to the situation – fullstop. There is nothing more to read into it.
    There are more important issues to be discussed in the media (like tax increase, unemployment, …) than a stupid foto.

    Hace a nice evening

    • Thanks for finally commenting, Maria. Don’t be shy! 🙂

      • Maria Schez

        Well Maria,
        Spanish goverment has not made any declaration because they dont want to spread more the fire, but apparently in that picture, Mr and Mrs Zapatero are dressed up for a picture taken in a prior reception with Mr and Mrs Obama, that was in fact the official one.

        That picture was taken at a visit to the Metropolitan Museum, as in the United States is a common thing to photograph every activity in a public place of the President and his official guests. That is why the girls are not dressed for a picture, and they are not even properly standing for it, feeling a bit ackward, as you can appreciate in the photo. And yes, perhaps it was a mistake, so what?

        Nevertheless, I dont think their looks should ashame us in any way (not me at least), or has the slightest importance, for that matter.


  • Maria

    The scholar year has already begun. The girls would have to be in their schools and not making photos in the G20 meeting.
    The idea of how to educate young people of Zapatero is creating serious problems in Spanish society.

  • Dum Dum Placheco

    As a liberal and libertarian, I believe Zapatero’s daughters can dress whatever they like. However, as any other posts have said before, in international relationships there is something called protocol and etiquette. And yes, even though some might find it uneasy, the rules and codes of dressing and behaving still exist.

    Besides, I understand that under Spanish laws no under 18 might have the photo published if parents do not allow it. But, that law does not apply to other countries in the world, so the censorship, or better, the advice of Zapatero recommending not to publish the photos in the Spanish press is acceptable, but NOT OUTSIDE SPAIN (and I am sorry Señor Presidente but internet has these “things” that we can even see your daughters’ face).

    In my opinion it has been a fault, someone should have thought the polemic that might arise from these photos. Next time, Moncloa men and women, please think and act better.

    And finally, why the fuck, do we Spaniards have such a stupid presidents (Aznar and Zapatero) that cannot behave properly outside our country. Because inbounds we are used to them, stupid and limited people that are unable to understand English and do not have “puta idea” about economy.

    It may be true that Europe begins north of the Pyrenees…

  • Alonso

    El escándalo no está en lo que entienden por “vestir de gala” las hijas de Zapatero, sino en la censura impuesta por La Moncloa y la Casa Blanca para que esa foto no saliera a la luz. Y me da igual que las niñas sean menores de edad. Son las hijas del presidente y gozan de unos privilegios que ni soñamos con alcanzar la inmensa mayorí­a de los españoles, como viajar por la cara a Nueva York y cenar en el Metropolitan con Obama. Que apechuguen con las consecuencias o que no vayan a actos oficiales pagados por todos los españoles. Así­ de claro.

    • Josh

      Alonso, ¿a partir de que nivel de ingresos pierde uno su derecho a la intimidad? O entendemos que existe tal derecho y si es así­, que sea para todos, o no respetamos la intimidad de nadie, da igual sus “privilegios” sociales. Creo que todos los mayores de 18 que leemos este blog estamos de acuerdo con que el vestimento de las niñas no está de acorde con la situación, sin embargo, ¿cuantos poseí­amos el mismo saber estar con 16 que con nuestra edad actual? Aíºn y todo, me cuesta creer que nadie que importa en la historia realmente creyera que las niñas actuaron como representantes de España — sobre todo Obama, como padre de dos hijas, habrá sabido diferenciar entre la voluntad de los padres y el empeño de las hijas.

      • Carolina

        No es cuestión de nivel de ingresos- intimidad, es cuestión de privilegios oficiales- intimidad… es decir si tengo 1000 millones de euros que me he ganado trabajando en la empresa privada tengo derecho a gastar mi dinero como quiera y a aparecer en las fotos que me de la gana salvaguardando mi intimidad, si tengo 1000 millones de todos los españoles no puedo gastármelos como quiera, los represento allí­ donde voy y mis actos deben ser píºblicos, eso sí­, tengo derecho a exponer o no a mi familia a esta publicidad y a convertirlos o no en representantes de mi nación. Zapatero escogió gastar dinero de todos los españoles en llevarse a sus hijas a USA, escogió exponerlas en actos píºblicos … las nenas son carne de feria por su culpa, si no lo querí­a que se hubieran quedado en casa, y si no querí­a que las niñas hicieran el ridí­culo que les indique que es inteligente vestir adecuadamente en cada lugar, que el hábito no hace al monje y que si es cuestión de una “forma de vida” o una ideologí­a en particular se puede ser “gotica” vistiendo un tutíº rosa… vamos una de esas lecciones básicas que los padres dan a los hijos y que son intemporales

        • Josh

          Carolina, tu post me sugiere un par de cosas: Parece que consideras personas píºblicas como exentas de las leyes españolas; ¿esta excepción se limita a leyes que permitan que la sociedad se burla de los menores por su forma de vestir, o se extiende a lo penal? Por otra parte, debido a su manutención píºblica, ¿crees que los hijos de la familia real sean también legitimo blanco de ridí­culo píºblico? Cualquier que sea tu respuesta a esta preguntas, te recuerdo que como tíº bien dices, “el hábito no hace al monje” y es posible que, independiente de su vestimento, las Zapatero sean dignas representantes del pueblo español. Por desgracia, parece que mucha gente piensa como tu y procura enseñarle a sus hijos que la apariencia importa más que las calidades morales, intelectuales, etc. de las personas. Así­ nos va.

  • Escorpiuser

    I think that we unknown many of the variables that are hidden behind that photo:

    – If Zapatero (ZP) wanted to support his daughters to dress freely instead of pressing them to dress as polite ladies, is OK to me. But he should have negotiated it with the White House protocoll staff. Did he do it? We don’t know, so we can hardly judge him or any other member of the family.

    – If ZP didn’t support his daughters’ dressings for the reception, or he didn’t get the aproval of the W.H. protocol staff, he should have leave them at the hotel. Otherwise, he is an incompetent father and politician, and would probe that he is not able to rule a country, as he can not rule his own kids.

    On the other hand,

    if he supports his daughters’ dressing style, why can not they be shown on the media? What kind of support is that? Is he ashamed of them in some way? Again, is he supporting them or not?

    This kind of contradictions are very often in ZP’s behaviour (in politics) and, in this case, I think that who is really hurting the girls is himself with the contradiction into which he falls.

    This contradiction maybe produced by a conflict inside the ZP’s family: he would support his daughters, but his wife wouldn’t want them on the media. To solve the conflict, he acts absurdly, he falls into contradiction. He and his wife would be guilty of hurting the girls, exposing them to a situation as an official reception (packed with journalists) and then avoiding her faces be on the official pictures of the event and on the media.

    Another contradiction that I find in all this case is what somebody said about abortion:

    why a sixteen girl is able to be pregnant an even abort without saying anything to her parents (as ZP propose in his new law) and is not able to decide if she wants to be on the media or not? Does the decision (of not being public important figures) belong to the girls or to their parents (ZP and Sonsoles)? Again, we don’t know, but the parents allow us to critize them while they don’t explain well such an obsessive censorship. As far as I know, it’s a wish of ZP and Sonsoles. I haven’t read anything about a decision of the daughters.

    Then, is a sixteen girl mature enough or not?

    Last, but not least: abortion is a crime in any case, even if there is a law or a thousand laws to sustain it.

    • Well thought out. Great comment, Escorpluser.

  • huh

    A part of their decision to be gothy may well be the inability to find appropriate clothes in size XXXXL. Might as well goth it up, it’s not like there are adorable summery sun dresses in their size. Big black tents at least are often the best option for women of any age that are this big. And at least with black, they can do the goth style and look like teens. For the most part, clothes that large are designed to appeal to much older women.

  • Daniel

    All of you that are having such a great time in critizising and devouring these teenagers should bear in mind that they are under 18, and what you’re doing is most probably illegal, and certainly immoral.

    Zapatero as our elected president has a right to represent the Spanish people. As simple as that.

    Zapatero, as any other Spanish citizen, has a right to protect the privacy of his daughters and keep them out of this carnage that the conservative party is trying to use to keep public attention away from their massive corruption cases that are begining to come to light in Valencia.

    • Dum Dum Placheco

      Daniel are you sure that your sentence “critizising and devouring these teenagers should bear in mind that they are under 18, and what you\’re doing is most probably illegal” applies in the US? Or the rest of the world?

      Perhaps other countries have different laws (sure they have). So maybe IT IS NOT ILLEGAL AT ALL. AND THE FACT THAT THIS IS AN AMERICAN BLOG SHOULD BE ENOUGH THAT WE ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL, even though I understand that under Spanish law, ZP can forbid the pictures in the Spanish Media.

      Additionally you say “and certainly immoral”. Why? ZP is using the money from all the Spaniards (taxes, you know) to travel along his wife and daughters. There it ends his right of privacy and starts to be a public affair. And hey, since it is PUBLIC MONEY, it is an affair subject to public opinion. I would understand your view if it was ZP own money. But, the photo with Obama confirms it is an State trip not a private one.

      Finally, if you want to talk about the problems of PP (conservative) in Valencia, you can do it, but this entrance in the blog is specifically to the goth dresses of ZP daughters. And hey, before accusing me of right supporter or anything else, I also state that PP is having trouble with corruption in Valencia and Illes Balears, and that I agree everything should be investigated and prosecuted. Do you believe the same about the Gijon new commercial port scandal or the daughter of Manuel Chaves? 😉

  • olga

    You must know how to behave in public if you are representing your Country.

  • Spanish ashamed

    “thank you”, we are now the laughingstock of the world

  • I think their slouching is what hit me first about the picture. I think they are really underdressed for the occassion, but they could have at least stood up straight. Maybe they are, but they look to be slouching to me.

    They’re really only 13 and 15? They look much older to me. The girl next to Obama looks like she is wearing a size 16 boot.

  • Edu

    I am Spanish and the truth that seeing these pictures and the excitement in their wake, I am ashamed of my president

  • Gwen Pott

    The reason why Zapatero doesn’t want his daughters picture to be published is not because they are poorly dressed, or because they slouched for the picture.
    In Spain minors should not have their pictures made public.
    And since it is very probably that he will not be a president for much long. it is best that his children are not on pictures.
    That will assure the kids privacy.
    But Mr Zapatero should have thought of that before putting them in front of the camera or before taking them there.

    • International Travel Rule #1: The laws that protect you in your own country may not apply in the country of your destination.

      • I’m a little confused and, judging by the traffic here there are many who will certainly put me in my place quickly, but I have a question that is related to this.

        If they aren’t supposed to publish pictures of minors here in Spain, why is it that we are always bombarded by lovely pictures of the leeches otherwise-known-as the ever expanding Spanish Royal family?

        Ooops, is it illegal to criticize them on an American blog?

  • Susana

    I am german and I live in Spain – and I am absolutely ashamed of a president who is not able to get his daughter´s dressed according to such an important meeting….it´s absolutely pathetic the way they look on that foto!
    however, what could we expexct???

    • Salvador

      We could expect that people who post on this blog will be able to execute even the most basic grammar, spelling, and use of the possessive apostrophe.

      It’s pathetic that you’re not perfect and do not conform to my ideals.

  • I am absolutely ashamed of our president.
    This simply confirms my suspicions. I can not understand how he says that he leads a country and a goverment.. And he is unable to manage the way his daughters should dressed accorrding to such important meeting!
    It is rather difficult to not feel ashamed of this photol

    • Maria Schez

      Yes well.. . I remind you that the son of the prior president, Aznar, was arrested in Italy for driving like a madman twice the limit speed. He could have killed people on the road, but oh… he always dresses very properly!

      Aznar also considered himself (or sold himself as) a big “mate” of president Bush, whose teen daughters were absolute drinking-partying animals, showing president Bush great control over them: but hey, they always dressed very properly!

      Lala I can tell you: leading a whole nation is just slightly easier than controlling your teenage children. And perhaps a good education in important values and freedom to chose how they prefer to dress for any occasion is better tan control.

  • Marcus

    I sure you condemn muslims because they force their women to dress as they think are right. Now you condemn President Zapatero because he didn\’t dress his daughters to your liking.

    Please, review your social and political thinking.

  • Escorpiuser

    A bit of paranoia:

    Are ZP or his advicers stupid? No, absolutely not. Then, they have stimated that censoring this photo will expand it much more among the public opinion (remember “El Jueves”?) even internationally. While we are talking about the daughters, we’re not speaking about economy, unemployment, increasing taxes… Is that what they pretend?

    A bit of critizism:

    ZP pretends to be a honest father that protects his daughters’ privacy, so he pretends to be a childhood defender… That doesn’t fit very well with the law he promotes to widen abortion in Spain.

  • Cristina López


    “if you can\’t get your teenage daughters NOT to dress in a way that they don\’t look like blood-sucking vampires, how are you going to be able to lead a country, lead a government and command an army?”

    Well well well… we have never seen these teens in the middle of alcohol and drugs wild partying.

    But you are right: George Bush got his teenagers to dress properly, so obviously he had great leading and parental skills.

    Maybe the trick is that you just have to educate your children and respect them, whatever the way they want to dress?

    By the way all those comments, like “blood sucking vampires” etc. multiplied by a million, are what these kids have to hear right now in Spain from all the media, even the supposedly serious one. Sounds llike perverse massive highschool bullying?… think about it.

  • Freedom

    That is the first picture we have seen from those kids ever. And it’s not because they dress goth that they hide them from the media, it’s because you cant simply imagine the level of wildness of yellow press in Spain, and even not yellow press (everything suits to attack a politic opposer here, no respect for kids, mostly if those kids dont match the, yes, “politically correct” beauty/elegance standard).

    Well u know what? F*ck the politically correct beauty/elegance standard!

    • But wait a minute? Why is it that the bloody Prince’s little darlings are never critiqued and called ‘freaks from the 30’s’ with the way they dress them?

      Because they have blue blood are they above all this?

  • Freedom

    “Why ZP (the president) is using the money from all the Spaniards (taxes, you know) to travel along his wife and daughters?”
    comment by Dum Dum Pacheco

    There you can see the level of dumbness in Spain and the fact that every little stupid thing is criticised to an absurd level.

    Can you imagine American citizens complaining because the president of the United States brings his family to official visits “using you tax payers money”?
    The level of meanness in that?

    Can you imagine half of American newspapers, tv chanels and radios spreading demeaning comments and mockering, for instance, Michael Jackson’s children or any other kid? Is there a higher moral level in your national media that you have never got to see such a thing? Then, you are lucky to live in the U.S.

    Because, believe it or not, that is the kind of bullshit that millions of Spaniards have to stand everyday.

  • Castañeda

    Hi, I am Spanish and you dont have to apologize for me, thanks.
    I like that those kids to dress the way the frigging way they want, I like that they dont mind if they are in front of Obama, the Pope or the stupid king of the Universe to swich their Dr Martens for some pair of stupid posh stilettos.

    I apologize, just in my name and in behalf of nobody else, to all the American citizens for the dumbness of Spaniards that have made of this awesome nonsense the big deal of the year, while placing two girls aged 13 and 15 on the dartboard so all of them and all of you can throw our knives to them.

  • Penelope

    I apologize to all American citizens for the Spanish general stupidity that leads them to believe that you guys even give a shit about this.

    • This made me laugh. Thanks, Penelope. On behalf of my entire country, I accept your apology.

      Several of my American friends have told me that, when they first saw the title of this post, they wondered, “Who is Zapatero?”

  • Deep Throat

    Escorpiouser is right.
    In daily life these girls use to dress in Prada, head to toes.
    But as a smoke curtain to hide the real problems in the country, president Zapatero made his daughters to dress that way (one of his advisors called one of Marilyn Manson’s advisors), and took this picture with Obama.

    PS- They thought the white paint over the face and the huge black lips would be overdoing the plan a bit.

    PS2- They also considered an affair of the president with an intern and a war in some middle East country, but they thought that people would suspect and blame them copycats, and war plan was over budget.

  • Meeeow

    Why dont you people let the girls just be?… Please! They are only 13 and 15 years old!

    (btw thousands of people in Spain like them a lot, they consider the picture fresh and good fun, and the kids an example of freedom and healthy teenage rebellion against old fashioned protocols, and they like the fact that their parents supported their teenage daughters, as if Barack Obama cared at all anyway! right? he’s got more important stuff to do I hope!)

    Greets and all…

  • Actually, it is the law in Spain – open the pages of Hola or any other glossy magazine, and you will notice numerous photos of under 18s with blacked out faces. Photos of minors cannot be shown without permission … and privacy laws are very different than in the USA. Here in the USA, once you leave your home (or your hotel room), you are in public – so people can be photographed outside even if they are being “private.” This is very different in western Europe, where it is illegal to publish photos of public people in private. Think of the recent kerfuffle when the Crown Prince of the Netherlands sued the AP for photographs taken of his family while they were on a ski holiday in Argentina. The issue was the fact that the Dutch newspapers published the photos, which violated a Dutch media code. If the photos had been published outside the Netherlands, and other European Union countries, the Crown Prince could not have sued. There was nothing illegal about the Zapatero photo being published in the USA – but the Spanish media broke Spanish law. It would be very difficult to pass similar laws in the USA, due to a different view of privacy and the First Amendment.

    • Hate to be a broken record and repeat my comment (well varying slightly) over and over again. But there are some children that do seem to be above this ‘law’…and they seem to belong to the Spanish Royal family. But of course, they dress like little Ralph Lauren ads, so it’s OK?

  • Louis

    I rather find very sympathetic from the Zapatero parents to let their daughters dress as they whish, we cannot say they are overly excentric…what seems excentric to me is rather the intolerance of some of the bloggers that obviously never had to deal with teenagers; the reference to Zapatero’s military authority weakened because of this is preposterous, insensible and hilarious; all to the contrary this shows flexibility and intelligence from the parents, Olé y viva Zapateros!

  • Bruno

    I think it is a perfect exa,le of respect for teenage daughters. Let them be how they want.
    Don’t believe all those so called spaniards that love Bush and Aznar. Most of us believe in freedom and not on etiquete.

    We love those girls for standing there the way they like and Zapatero for being a cool dad.

    He is a good president trying to comply with his promises in times of terrible crisis (specially in Spain due to Real State speculation promoted by former governments) and all the opposition is trying to do is ridiculize him for this picture.

    Thumbs up for the Zapatero Family proving to be natural and down to earth.

    By the way, there is no censorship, in Spain you cannot publish a photo of a minor (under 18) without their consempt plus their parents’ consempt).

  • Luis M.

    Please, don’t apologize on behalf of a nation… it’s arrogant to say the least. I am a Spaniard, and I definitely do not apologize for having a cool president who has enough personality and balls to allow his daughters to dress any way they like. It’sa pity anyone can write anything without any knowledge — asking to not publish pictures of minors is not censorship, it’s the law and it applies to ALL minorrs in Spain, not just the president’s daughters. Tell your right-winger “pepero” friend “que te la metan doblada, gilipollas”.

    • Sabes qué realmente es una lástima, Luis? Que hay personas, como Ud., que no tienen ningun sentido de humor. Cuál parte de mi carta que empieza “Dear President Barack Obama” te parecio en serio?

      • ooops Eric, am I going to have to mention the Royal Family…Again!

      • Josh

        You mean to tell me that Obama doesn’t regularly visit you blog for advice on foreign relations with Spain. ¡Vaya por dios!

        • No, I’m sure he does. He just never comments. Bloody lurker!

  • yankee_go_home

    Mate, you only show you don’t know much of Spanish law. In Spain, the press can’t publish photographs of people under 18 unless allowed by their parents. So it wasn’t like Zapatero was given and special treatment nobody else could get. It’s not “respecting the president’s wishes”; it’s the law.

    It’s ok to write a suppossedly funny post, but at some point you should get the facts straight. Just because there are so many knuckleheads, especially in your country, that would take if for the truth about Spanish law and society. Hell, most people in your country can’t even point where Spain is in a map.

    This is from a Spaniard that certainly doesn’t need any stinking yankee to represent him. Cheers.

    • Meeeow

      The same way that I would like respect for these kiddos, I would like respect for American citizens. I am Spanish, and I admire and respect a nation that has just given the rest of the world a lesson of freedom choosing Obama as president: not only they have chosen the first black president of, not only the US, but any western country in history, but also an intelligent brave man who stands for a change to a more humane U.S. and more humane world, supporting the idea of this change themselves.

      As anybody, I like good fun, but within a limit: the limit begings when “fun” implies demeaning and mockering from public plataforms at the expense of a teenager. Just because that is cruel, its morally wrong and we would not like it to happen to our own sons and daughters.

      Thanks Erik, I add my apologizes to Penelope’s and thank you for accepting them! hahaha 🙂

  • yankee_go_home

    Of course, the above post isn’t meant to be offensive to you or USA citizens, just humorous as you’d say.

  • FYI Any parent can forbid or kindly ask media to not publish their kids’ images. It is a law meant to protect minors, mainly because most of them are the kids of famous people (politicians, actors, musicians, soccer players) and that’s why they need protection. Whatever their parents chose to do with their lives is cool, but they shouldn’t be part of it! and these two poor girls… come on mate! no one had seen them and their dad has been the head of the party for almost a decade… respect is not so difficult.

    As for their outfit… i dont think it was appropriate for the occasion but hey now the whole world is making fun at them, and the youngest is just 13…! just let them be.

  • Jorge Martí­nez

    I can not believe what i am reading.
    Well, this excuse is not in my name.
    I am pleased to see a father that respect the personality of his daugthers.
    I was a teenager 20 years ago and I use all kind of clothes and now you can be sure i am a “decent person”.
    All the arguments look so intolerant.
    After read that the spanish author of the article prefer that pic of Bush and Aznar… I just remember that song of Lilly Allen “F$%& you, very very much”

  • Angel Tormo

    Jorge, I disagree you opinion. Those girls are free to dress like that, but in an offical scene they are representing all spaniards and his father should not have alllowed that.
    A father that respects the dressing style of his daughter over the image of a whole country must not be presindent.

  • a spaniard

    Well im spaniard and I dont give a flying fuck…
    There are more important things to take care these days dont u think so?

  • Bienvenidos a todos! I am curious about something. It seems that all of you Spaniards that are here reading this, found this page by googling “Zapatero’s daughters” or something similar. Why not “hijas de Zapatero”? I must conclude that you were looking for foreign opinions on this matter. Is that correct? What other foreign opinions have you found? I have seen zero coverage of this in the international and US press that I read.

    • Escorpiuser

      I found your blog because I was looking for a pic where the girls’ faces weren’t pixelated. I was pretty curious about their look.

      Sorry, I can’t offer any foreign opinions.

    • diego

      Im just looking becouse i like to know what think americans about our president’s family 🙂

      In my opinion, he should force her daughters to dress better to meet the USA president, in that moment , they represent my country and it´s inapropiate.
      I found some opinions, a lot of peaple say that it’s inapropiate, but some peaple defend that is good.

  • Amelia

    As a spaniard I want to thank you for your last post. I think Zapatero misunderstood the concept of giving freedom to their daughters and the poor things are just being put in a ridiculous light all over the world.

    (Yes, I was looking for some opinions about that picture in the foreign press 🙂 )

  • Luis

    funny that for you “freedom of press” means freedom to use “insulting material” … with such a poor and basic principles, I understand the rest of the your post, like the lack of knolwdege about age of majority, etc
    Por lo demás, las hijas de zapatero se pueden hacer mormonas y su padre budista, me la suda, lo que pasa es que el pedazo de iníºtil se está cargando el paí­s, y eso si que es preocupante, no las pints de sus hijas…


  • Yes, i was looking for opinions from the international press Erik 🙂 and i did find your letter funny, i never took it seriously. But i wanted to make a point at the fact that in Spain his daughters’ privacy is protected not because they are the daughters of the President, but bc they are minors.
    There is an interesting column by the daughter of McCain about the picture, i didnt know she is a writer, and it doesnt even matter, but what she says is good.


    • Yes, she’s been a political blogger since during the 2008 campaign. Thanks for that. She has a good point and good insight. Coming from the US, I share her sense of amazement at the Spanish media’s respect for minors’ privacy.

      • Kitten

        Erik, I’m afraid that Spanish media respect for minors privacy is just a consequence of a law that had to be released in response of prior media demeaning campaings against sons and daughters of public persons such actors, singers, some politician…
        It’s not that Spaniards have more respect for children, its that we dont have respect for them (see what’s happening with Laura and Alba, the daughters of the president), so we need a law to control it. Shame…

  • Also check out this crap and you will understand why it is so important to protect children. People talk too much without thinking of what they are really saying, or the effects on others. So sad.

    • In the US, such attacks are just considered part of the cost of being famous and should be ignored (easier to say than do). So much so, that when I mentioned that a commenter on this post suggested that I “go back to my country!”, a friend told me that receiving insults meant that I was becoming famous.

      I do like the Spanish “you can’t publish anything about a minor without permission” law. It makes a lot of sense. In the US, as our healthcare system demonstrates, we’re more about making money than protecting defenseless citizens.

  • Dayana Martinez

    Amelia, in all these posts, I see many Spaniards referreing to the PM as Zapatero. Isn’t his family name actually Rodrí­guez?

  • Mitch

    I’m more concerned that his daughters look like they are approaching American levels of obesity. Its hard to tell for sure with the dresses, but they way they hang suggests those girls are pretty big.

  • Alex

    actually, there IS a law in spain, that prohibits to publish pictures of minors. so the “without any official law on the books” part is just wrong.

    as to the question why zapatero is trying to follow that law (besides the obvious reason that it’s… well, a law)… obviously he’s doing so for safety and privacy reasons. there might be people interested in doing harm (and i don’t mean politically) to zapatero through his loved ones. this first time appearance of his daughters in public might just have enabled that.

    and yes, i think the rights of these children (or any children for that matter) are in fact superior to your freedom of speech. especially if all you want to do with that freedom, is mocking two teenagers on a global scale, just because of their looks.

    i am spanish and i am not a big fan of zapatero. but i would like to take back that “sorry about that!” you and andrés have spoken out in my name. there’s nothing to feel sorry about… these girls behave just like every teenager on the planet does. there’s nothing shameful about that and i hope the girls realize that some day. allthough their life must be a real nightmare at the moment.

    in fact, if there’s really anyone who should feel sorry, it’s the obama administration/staff. there are strict rules of protocol in situations like this, you can’t just publish pictures of foreign leaders on the internet… it’s ahuge fauxpas, that only confirms the cliché of the self centered americans, who don’t give a rat’s ass about foreign cultures.

    • Kitten

      Alex: Quit reading my mind!!! Now! 🙂

  • Emily

    They are adolescents whose parents probably let them do whatever the hell they want and don’t have time to bother. Having their picture taken and published has probably been the most exciting thing ever to them, especially if they are a little rebellious. Their goth style will be less scrutinized than the fact that they are overweight. BTW, not all Americans are fatasses, but the only ones the foreign press see are the Hollywood “pocket people” who are waif thin or the gigantic tanks in sweatpants they photograph or film walking down the street when someone wants to do a story about obesity. Just saying.

    • Kitten

      Emily, what exactly makes you conclude that because some parents let their teenage daughters decide how they want to dress they let them “do what the hell they want and dont have time to bother”?… its not that they are naked, or wearing nazi symbols… they are simply wearing what they wear any other day. And what if their parents decide to let them be, yes, a bit rebellious and skip the protocol? Is that so important anyway?

      As Erik stated, we all ended here looking for coverage of the foreign media about this picture. Result? No coverage. I would have been really shocked if there had been, good God…

      but dont you worry, as anybody, we’ll be big in Japan one day.

  • Bob

    Is this the facebook page of the Spanish Prime Minister’s daughter Laura Zapatero?

  • Amparo

    I’m according that it’s more imprtan bad gestion Zapatero’s that how his dougther dress.

    I think: what can we expect for our President if he ist’n to

    I also entered here looking for foreign opinions on how they were dressed, because it is important for me what image they gave out of us. Nevertheless I agree that it is a more important Political management than how they dressed

    Espero que esto esté bien escrito, y que se entienda más o menos lo que quiero decir,jejeje. (Las hijas van fatal vestidas y no representan a la juventud española, sólo a una minoria y la culpa la tiene el padre, pero qué podemos esperar de un polí­tico que nos deja en la cola de los paises más avanzados….)

  • Carlota

    Hi Erik!
    I have just found your blog looking for the foreign opinions of this theme. I am Spanish and this is so embarrasment for all the Spanish people.
    I am one of those who dont want Zapatero in the government and everyday he makes stupid things, and this is another one… probably, wont be the last one.

    Greetings from La Coruña

  • Gloria

    ¿qué hay de malo en un par de conservadores vestidos negros? Quizá no sean los más bellos y modernos, pero no entiendo por qué los encuentran ofensivos o embarazosos.

  • Claudia

    A Spanish friend of mine told me about the embarrassing incident. While it’s important to let children express themselves, it’s also a parents’ job to guide them and teach them how to behave in certain situations. And children (especially teenagers) need to learn there are also certain boundaries. As an adult I know I that I can’t show up to work wearing a bath robe or pijamas. It’s just not appropriate for an office.
    And above all, they are not just any Spanish familiy visiting someone in the US. They were there representing the Spanish and the Europeans. So the whole family should be aware of their role when visiting President Obama in the White House! The girls are young and could’t know any better. But the parents knew the world media was watching and that they would publish the fotos.
    It was just unnecessarily embarrassing…

  • Carola

    I found this looking for foreign opinions on these kids.

    These girls were on an official visit, paid for from our taxes. If they don’t want to be photographed they should stay at home and if they expect us to pay for their first-class trips they should at least have the decency to dress appropriately and understand that they too are ambassadors of our country.

    They have evidently been very badly brought up by adults who don’t have a clue.

    The latest on the kids is a very strong rumour that the eldest one has quit home at age 16 to go and live in some kind of commune with her lover boyfriend. Her parents are in despair at her refusal to undergo treatment for her rampant obesity problem. Interestingly, Zapatero, who cannot even govern his own family, has decided to take it out on everyone else’s by banning certain foods from schools. My kids know what works and what doesn’t and if they buy a donut one day they know it’s not a good idea to buy one the next. They know if they do they will end up looking like Zapatero’s daughters. Zapatero seems to think all kids are as dumb as the ones he has brought up so he feels he has to legislate what is pure common sense.

    The good news: his disintegrating family might succeed in removing him from office. Not a minute too soon.