Pumpkin Carving 2009

October 30, 2009 By: erik Category: Art, Offspring, Photos, Scary, USA 1,165 views

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Carved Pumpkin 2009After eleventh hour gourd procurement last year, this year my local grocer friend, Andrés, who regularly visits farmers markets to buy fruit and vegetables, had his eye out for the perfect pumpkin for me to carve. And sure enough, he came through with the perfectly shaped pumpkin. Last night I carved it into a jack-o-lantern.

I’m glad to be giving a little momentum to this tradition because it’s going to be a lot more fun in the coming years when Nora can understand and participate. Following the should’ve-been-award-winning success of our clay keepsake craft videos, it seemed like a good idea to film the pumpkin carving.

As always, I recommend that you click through to see it in HD.

I was surprised this year at just how much of a lantern my jack-o-lantern turned out to be. With the lights out, and a single candle lit inside, the entire pumpkin glows ominously. Very cool.

Carved Pumpkin 2009
The obligatory with-flash shot. The design was inspired by Nora’s current dental layout.

Carved Pumpkin 2009
I’d say that’s scary enough.

Carved Pumpkin 2009
See how the whole thing glows?

Carved Pumpkin 2009
This is my favorite shot, I think. The only light in the photograph is coming from the candle inside the pumpkin.

Carved Pumpkin 2009

[puts flashlight under chin]

Nora begged us to cut a hole in the bottom and let her wear it as her Halloween costume this year. But when we put it over her head, her head seemed to vanish completely leaving only an empty gourd upon her shoulders! Bwahahahaha!!!

Nora Pumpkin Head
Happy Halloween!

Just like last year, as thanks to Andrés and for my work to be seen, I’ve left the jack-o-lantern with the local grocery store all day today. Gracias, Andrés!

  • Awesome. I cleaned out four last night. Man, that’s not the fun part. Mine are like 5 times the size of that one. The boys had a great time with it though. The insides are “yucky” and look like “spider-webs”.

    We got a pumpkin carving kit this year. Initially I couldn’t believe that Amy had spent money on something like that. Aren’t knives good enough? But let me tell ya, they work like a champ. The are small and have small teeth on them. They make curves much easier. You can see it here.

    • Very cool. I can see how something like that might be handy. The space between the teeth on my pumpkin was thinner than any knife, so I just had to sort of hack at it for a bit. And at $4.50, the price is right.

      Also, yeah, the pumpkins here are small. I was hoping for a bigger one, but the form of this one, though small, was perfect.

  • I await the day Nora has two bottom teeth and you juxtapose the two looks.