Sandwich Party 4: I can has cheezburger

November 27, 2009 By: erik Category: Food, Photos 434 views

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Yum!If Simon’s going to go all quintessential for SP4: A New Hope, then I guess I should too. As an expat, one encounters a lot of strange stereotypes about what foreigners think your country is like. Probably the most common I’ve heard is that Americans eat nothing but hamburgers. Rather than dispel this myth, I’ve sort of adopted it as part of my “the American expat” role. For five or six years now I’ve thrown a hamburger party on the Fourth of July, and somehow it’s become a ritual on my daughter’s monthly birthday celebrations. So here we go.

The most important part is that ingredients are served on the table and each person dresses their own burger. Spaniards find this very strange because there aren’t a lot of DIY meals like this served in Spain.

Frying onions
Frying the onions, which become a topping later, can be done early

Raw Burger
Pattification complete!

Cooked and on the bun, ready for dressing.

I can has cheezburger
Cheeseburger with oven-toasted bun.

Nom, nom, nom!

Happy Sandwich Party to all!

  • You can never go wrong with a cheeseburger.

  • Mmmm.
    Did you make your own fries too?

    • But of course! Always do.

  • I’m impressed. (of course, I’m a little disappointed in the fact that I can’t give up on try to dispel the myth, but at the same time envious that you have been freed from having to try to explain it away.)

    Now if I could just get a propane LP Char-Broil grill, some plain-old, lean ground beef, a couple of small Vidalias, Lawry’s seasoned salt, some sharp Colby-Jack or Tillamook swiss, Miracle Whip, French’s American Yellow, and a jar of crinkle-cut, bread-and-butter dill pickles, and some Thomas’ sourdough English Muffins (I’m not a fan of sesame seeds.)

    The iceberg lettuce and beefsteak tomatoes at the weekly ‘flea-market’ actually taste better here, than back home, if that’s possible, and Canary Island style papas arrugadas go great with a burger, and I prefer Mercadona’s Hacendado brand cola, so the fusion could be superior. The caffeine-free diet, when you keep an unopened bottle in the freezer, before it solidifies, can be poured out of the bottle as a liquid, and it turns into slush, in the cup, right before your eyes. I’ll have to film that the next time I do it.
    The bacon is the same, Oscar Meyer, even. Same for the Ketchup: Heinz 57. I would kill for a Little Debbie oatmeal creme pie right now!

    • Sorry to make you so homesick, Ray!

      • It’s all cool. The way you “owned it,” well, I could never pull off a home-made oatmeal creme pie as well as you haz cheeseburger.

  • I want to see a photo of Ray’s version.

    • So do I. As soon as they open a Super-Walmart (or even just a Walmart) in Spain, I’ll stream it LIVE on qik!

  • OH HELL YES. Why try to dispel the myth when you can instead add to its mystique by the simple addition of onions, fat, and time? Nothing can so well explain the rumored popularity of hamburgers as the all too rarely added topping of sauteed onions.

    Nice hamburger sandwich you have there.

  • I just had a spaniard that was at my July Fourth party tell me that he’s never had a hamburger as good as mine. Expat FTW!

  • I forgot to mention that I love the fact that you did it build-your-own. Burgers and tacos, actually a lot of different Tex-Mex is best when served this way.

    When I got here, it took me while to stop using two forks to take all the salad I planned on eating during the meal onto my own plate, avoiding the tuna and other ‘weird stuff’ The wife says it best to just ‘follow the lead’ of the other people at the table.