Wild Arms

January 19, 2010 By: erik Category: Funny, Offspring, Videos 100 views

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thumbJust like she’s particularly sweet after her breakfast in the morning, Nora’s pretty cute after her dinner in the evening and before bed. Her sleepiness gives her a drunken wildness that’s very funny. This video was recorded on January 5, 2010. [Have you noticed how hard it is not to hit that zero key twice in a row when typing the year?] The pair of green pajamas you see here, which I call her Space Monkey Suit, has now been retired, as it is now too small and she’s worn a hole in one heel from kicking the floor so much.

  • http://simonlitton.wordpress.com simon

    “I think you’re sleepy”

    • http://www.hillbillyplease.com/blog/ jane

      That cracked me up too.

  • http://www.erik-rasmussen.com/ Erik R.

    What’s amazing is that she can be like this, and we take her up and put her in the crib, and she’s asleep in a minute. There’s no wind down period.