Ten Months Old

January 27, 2010 By: erik Category: Offspring, Partying, Photos 239 views

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Ten Month Birthday PartyNora turned ten months old on Sunday. Her grandparents and aunt came to have lunch. After breaking the hamburger rhythm with her previous month birthday on Christmas Eve, I decided to make a hamburger pie (aka. Cottage Pie) instead. It was delicious, of course. Most importantly, we had cake!

Ten Month Birthday Party

Ten Month Birthday Party
Birthday girl’s eye view.

Ten Month Birthday Party
She really never looked away from the flame until we removed the candle.

Ten Month Birthday Party
With grandparents.

Ten Month Birthday Party
Playing with a horrible-knockoff-of-Winnie-the-Pooh toy she got.

Ten Month Birthday Party
Playing with Aunt Belén.

Ten Month Birthday Party
Happy birthday, kiddo! I can’t believe you’ve almost made it all the way around the sun!

  • http://www.hillbillyplease.com/blog/ jane

    I CANNOT believe she’s almost a year old!

  • http://www.smattery.com/blog andrea

    Happy almost-your-birthday, Nora!

    And might I add, that’s a stunning cake.