Spitty Face

February 19, 2010 By: erik Category: Funny, Offspring, Photos 156 views

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thumbNow more interactive than ever, Nora is about at the stage of awareness of a pet dog…who can be taught to do tricks. Her current tricks include clapping and spitting. Also demonstrated in the video is her current fascination with zippers. Zippers are fun because they have the little handle that jingles a bit, and they vibrate a little in your hand when you move them up and down the track. I have a hard time keeping her attention on my face when I wear a jacket with a zipper down the front.

I love the sun, but there’s nothing like a sunbeam coming through the window to make you feel like you live in a big dust cloud. At first I didn’t like the fact that I shot the video through a sun beam, but it does help demonstrate that she’s actually spitting (for extra spittle, try viewing in HD!).

She’s known how to “blow a raspberry” for a while now, but credit goes to my father-in-law for teaching her how to do it on command, where the command is the act of wiping your face like she’s just spit on you. Gesture-initiated tricks give the added benefit of looking like she’s already bilingual. So you can say, “¡Ay! Me has escupido a la cara!” when you wipe your face, or “Oy! You just spit in my face!” and the joke works.

  • Paul

    At the very end of that video it looks like Nora is leaning forward in a sort of forehead bump/kiss-like gesture. Was that my imagination, or does she “kiss” you that way?

    • I guess that could be thought of as her version of a kissing gesture. It was a tender moment between us, for sure.