The Clothes Pin Game

July 09, 2010 By: erik Category: Games, Offspring, Videos 754 views

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The Clothes Pin GameOne of Nora’s new favorite games involves clothes pins. In Spain, most people live in apartments and almost no one has a clothes drier, so everyone dries their clothes by hanging them from their balcony, which is often overlooking an internal courtyard of the building, not the street. As a result, every Spanish house has a bag or basket of clothes pins on their balcony. The game involves her mother placing her on a window ledge to the balcony where we keep our clothes pin basket. Nora proceeds to pull clothes pins out of the basket and throw them on the floor, expecting her mother to pick them up. They have a great time playing this game.

At least she picks them up at the end with her telekinesis.

My long term readers will be pleased to notice that the little nubbin of cactus we tore off the original has grown and is producing flowers for the first time this year.

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  • Paul Rasmussen

    She has a great follow-through, and I think I can almost understand her when you play her verbiage backwards, but aren’t you a little concerned about rewarding contrary behavior?

    • Much to her chagrin, I refuse to play this game with Nora. A couple times a day she leads me out onto the balcony and points up at the ledge for me to put her up there and play.

      Maybe that’s the problem we’ve had in understanding her! We’re listening to her words forward!