Aladdin Pants

July 28, 2010 By: erik Category: Complaining, Photos, Spain, Weird 1,477 views

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The Magic LampI’m pretty sure that I will never understand clothing fashion. It seems to be a futile conundrum of combining the desire to be like everyone else with the desire to be unique. But then I don’t get a lot of social customs. Every once in a while, however, a new style comes along that makes me think, “Wow, you are going to be so embarrassed in ten years to look back at photos of yourself wearing that!” In the last five summers in Spain, there has been an explosion in the popularity of capri pants, called “pirate pants” here, that I have successfully avoided. C’mon, people! Having trousers that stop at your calves is a ridiculous idea.

It was about one year ago, last August, that my wife showed me some new trousers she had bought. They seemed to me to be the most ridiculous thing ever, and I was unable to stop from laughing at the idea that someone would wear them. I’m not sure if I hurt her feelings or what, but she ended up giving them to her sister. The only way I could think to describe them is with the term “Aladdin pants”. Some googling, in preparation for this post, has revealed that they are actually called that! Perhaps the correct term is harem pants? Much to my chagrin, they are huge this summer.

Mother and Daughter in Aladdin Pants

This is a photo of mother and daughter both sporting said trousers I snapped in the local market.

Please, oh please, let them remain in the realm of women’s fashion. Back away, M.C. Hammer! Now if only I had a genie so I could wish this style out of existence. It’ll be gone soon enough, I suppose.

  • I predict that this fashion has already come to the big cities in the US and will trickle down to small towns by next summer. From my observation America follows the European trends a beat or two behind. I too thought that capris and other less than full length pants were silly, but now that’s all I wear in the summer months.

    • That’s another recurring trend in fashion. 1) Someone does/wears something new, 2) Everyone says, “How bizarre!”, 3) Everyone ends up doing/wearing it.

      Although I can’t think of a particular instance, I too have grown to like/do things that I initially thought bizarre. I like a lot of songs that I initially despised.

  • KP

    Oooh, I can’t touch that. No offense to the lass in the final photo, but really, white girls with dreadlocks AND horrible trousers?

    Matt and I have ongoing iPhoto albums called “British People In Shorts” and “General People in Bad Trousers And Shorts”. Your capri-wearing folks would go in the latter album. Some photos are very, very funny, especially when odd leg-hair, shoe choices, and tan lines are added.

    • I guess I’d make your list, KP. I wear sandals but my tan stops where my tennis socks hit. Oh well . . .

    • stardust

      White girls and dreadlocks are lush!

      Though I love aladdin pants to, so what do I know??

  • Rebeca

    I don’t really have a problem with the “Aladdin pants” even though I don’t, and will never, own a pair” but I really hate the wearing a regular bra while wearing a t-shirt trend. I know that strapless bras are not the most comfortable piece of underwear but I still wince everytime I see a strap.

    • I had that exact same reaction when I saw the mama and daughter picture. They also make straps that crisscross for just such tops. Out of sight out of mind apparently.

  • mj

    I believe these were originally worn by Catholic Priests because they all liked a-lad-in…..