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Resting (crop)Yesterday we were running ahead of schedule, so Nora and I took a leisurely stroll to her daycare. She walked about halfway there, which is only about 150 meters. I can see just how slow traveling on foot with a toddler is going to be. Normally when we walk somewhere, she has to run her hand along every filthy surface along the way. Yesterday, she thought it would be a good idea to clean off a dusty ledge with the front of her dress and face.

Walking down the street

The “just leave her behind and she’ll catch up” trick didn’t work at all.

Cleaning dust off the ledge with her dress

Making a dust angel.

Holding the wall up

Every wall must be touched.


I think I’ll sit down on this ledge.

Actually watching where she's going for once

A rare occasion of looking where she’s going.

Look! A shadow!

Sticking her tongue out at her shadow.

  • And taking photos and video of her didn’t encourage her to hurry up?

  • The “just leave her behind and she\’ll catch up” trick probably won’t work until she’s experienced enough insecurity and self-doubt to conceptualize being abandoned.