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February 10, 2011 By: erik Category: Complaining, Internet 300 views

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Facebook ExclamationRant alert! I’m really sick and tired of seeing “[Your Name] likes I’m against children getting cancer and dying painful deaths on Causes” on Facebook. Really? You really thought that you needed to share that with me? Thereby implying that if I don’t click “like”, that I am, indeed, in favor of childhood cancer, or domestic violence, or female genital mutilation, or rapists, or serial killers, or autism, or cerebral palsy, or pedophiles, etc. Good freakin’ grief, people! What good does it do to post that you are in favor of a morally unambiguous “cause” on a social network? What? Tell me!

And another thing…while I’m on my high horse…

What the hell good does it do to change your avatar “in solidarity” with a cause? Remember the Iranian election protests? Everybody and their brother changed their Twitter avatar to have a green tint to it “in support of the cause”. What a great “I’m in favor of what you’re doing, but I’m too lazy, lame, and/or selfish to do anything more than tint my avatar” message to send to people in dire need of political and economic support!

Green 4 Iran Mocking

And then less than a fortnight later…

Green 4 Iran Mocking

If only the poor Egyptians of 2011 had chosen a color…

C’mon people. If you really care, give to a charity or to the actual cause you support. Otherwise I don’t want to hear your “I’m totally lame, but holier than thou” crap.

Whew! I feel better.

  • why r u bigoted against stupid ppl?

  • “Like”.

  • Thank you! I am so tired of being sent this kind of stuff on Facebook, and I am guilty of actually having “supported” more than one cause out of guilt, although I don’t pass them on because I know how annoying they are. All they’re really good for is causing guilt. So, can we maybe have a No More Guilt cause for those of us who don’t want to feel guilty for not supporting every social networking cause we’re sent?

  • Iker

    i hate this facebook thing too, i think it’s quite of a good business but believe me… IT SUCKS and it’s making people have even less personality, do you know what i see when i go outdoors?… I see a lot of motherfucking clones, it’s like if you were seen thousands of copies of the same person…. hope facebook gets a bankrupt soon

    • erik

      You’re way off base blaming Facebook for its users’ behavior.

      This same “I support this cause but I’m too lazy to do anything more than brag that I’m supportive” behavior was seen in the US after 9/11 and when the Iraq war started with seemingly everyone decorating their house and vehicle with an American flag or a yellow ribbon respectively. I suppose there’s something about the sense of solidarity that is appealing if you don’t stop to think of how futile and unhelpful the behavior really is.

      Facebook has just made it easier to brag to more people about doing even less work to help a cause.

    • This is known as “Capgras Delusion”. Seek therapy. Repeat as necessary.

  • You kinda hurt my feelings.

    • erik

      I’ve never seen you engage in this behavior, Alan.

      If you make a “make Alan feel better” cause, I’ll “like” it. 🙂

    • erik

      Don’t change your avatar yet, Alan. Iran is getting restless again (because of this post?) and needs your support. 🙂

      • Well, your blog does rank #4 for Oscar Reviews.