Pushing A Stroller

February 15, 2011 By: erik Category: Offspring, Photos, Videos 299 views

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Mommy ChicThere are several things I’ve learned since procreating in a very pedestrian town where strollers get a lot of use. If ours had an odometer, it would read hundreds of kilometers. The first is that it’s actually a lot easier to walk when you are pushing a stroller. Presumably this is why the less ambulatory elderly use walkers. I find that when I’m walking around town without a stroller, it feels a little weird not having my hands out in front of me. The second is that a pushing a stroller makes you very aware of the unevenness of the road; curbs and bumps become much more important to your conscious mind. The third is how incredibly useful it is to have a large bag and storage compartment with you at all times that you are not carrying. It’s warmed up and you don’t want that jacket anymore? No problem, just stick it under the stroller! Our lack of stroller during our heavily ambulatory trip to San Francisco was very salient when we had to carry a backpack and tie our jackets around our waists.

Yesterday Nora insisted on taking her toy stroller and baby doll out on our walk with us, where she mimicked all the actions I’m so familiar with, like stopping the stroller and walking around to the front to address its occupant. At one point she decided that she had to carry her baby for a little ways, which any parent can tell you makes it doubly hard to steer the stroller.

Later in the walk she decided that it was too sunny for the poor baby doll to be without sunglasses, so she took hers off and insisted on putting them on the doll. Towards the end of the video you’ll see that she’s trying to take her coat off because she was too hot.

She’s advanced just a little bit since one year ago when she could just barely stand up.

Mommy Chic

Mommy Chic

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  • Paul

    Wow. A year ago she couldn’t crawl.

    • erik

      Ha! I noticed that the same time you did and put in a link to that post under the video.

  • My parents recall that after spending so long pushing a stroller they’d find themselves instinctively gently rocking their supermarket trolley back and forth, as if trying to soothe their gorceries back to sleep.

    • erik

      That’s funny. Sleep, little veggies!

      My closest anecdote is one of walking through a crowded marketplace with Nora wailing uncontrollably in her stroller and seeing the parents in the distance, as we got close enough for them to hear Nora, start rocking their kids strollers instinctively upon hearing Nora cry.

  • She does look chic in those shades!