Photographing Positive Integers

February 22, 2011 By: erik Category: Geeky, Math, Photography 184 views

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Five Positive IntegersWhile they are still only fun to her as colored objects and not the mathematical concepts they represent, Nora very much enjoys playing with these foam numbers we bought for a few pennies at the local chinos. The other day I was goofing around with them as she was popping them out of their placemat-sized sheet and handing them to me, and I noticed that they could be interlocked in sequence. It was then that I thought they might make an interesting subject for photography, so I waited until Nora’s interest moved to another toy and went to get my camera.

I guess you could call this digital photography, eh? Ha!

One Through Seven

One through seven.

One Through Seven

Another angle.

Five Positive Integers

One through five, stacked.

Five Positive Integers

This is my favorite one. I got the depth of field I wanted very well, but it’s a shame I was too careless and lazy to remove the clutter from the background.

  • Are these the ones that stick to the side of the bathtub? My kids loved the alphabet and numbers that did. They would arrange letters and ask me what it said. They very rarely made a real word. This was when they were 2-3.

    • erik

      No, these are just foam cutouts.

      I admit to never having them in or near the bathtub, so they might stick, but I don’t think that was the manufacturer’s intention.

      • I bet you when wet, they stick to the side of the tub.

        • erik

          Ooh, a wet bet! If you’re right, I’ll have to buy some letters, too. All we have are the digits 0-9 and some arithmetic operators.

          • We have letters exactly like this and they’re designed to stick to the bathtub.

  • My kids had some of these, and they had letters for the bathtub too. They used to chew on them. I like the last photo best too. So, doesn’t Nora try to play with your camera?

    • Yeah, my kids love to chew on them as well.