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A Step-By-Step Guide to Booting Hackintosh to Striped RAID

March 31, 2011 By: erik Category: Geeky

Hackintosh LogoAlmost two years ago, I bought a Hackintosh: a normal Intel PC that can be converted to run Mac OS X, resulting in an $800 computer with the power of a $2400 Mac Pro. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so pleased with a computer purchase, especially two years later. One important decision I made was to go with a Solid State Drive for the boot drive. The biggest bottleneck in common use of most modern personal computers is the hard drive access; processors are fast, memory is fast, but hard drives are slow. As if using an SSD wasn’t fast enough, I bought two of them and used RAID striping, a technique which splits the data evenly across both drives, so when I want to load a file, half of the file is read from one disk and half is read from another in parallel. As you might imagine, it’s pretty speedy.

Grandpa’s Sleeping

March 22, 2011 By: erik Category: Family, Offspring, Videos

Grandpa's Sleeping (vidcap)My parents are visiting this week. That means Nora is sleeping in our room for the first time in months. The first night they were here, Nora woke up at around midnight and cried and cried, demanding water, but then taking only a sip and pushing it away, and the immediately demanding more water when it was clear that I was going back to bed instead of giving her my undivided attention. After a half hour of trying various things, her mother mentioned that she needed to be quiet because Grandma and Grandpa were sleeping in the next room. Completely unexpectedly to us, Nora nodded and repeated “They’re sleeping. Don’t wake them,” lay down, and stopped crying. Two hours later when she started crying again, her mother said, “Be quiet. They’re sleeping,” and Nora obeyed, repeating the sentence to herself. It was really bizarre.

Tweety Pin

March 18, 2011 By: erik Category: Offspring, Photos

Tweety PinFor whatever reason, some of my online friends have decided that there’s something really funny about Tweety, the Looney Tunes canary. There’s something about his (yes, Tweety is a boy) ubiquity and presumed innocence make him a prime target for smirk-inducing suspicions of Evil.

Almost three years ago, I sent my friend Jane a Tweety pez dispenser as a gag gift. She finally got around to returning the favor. Today in the mail, I received a Tweety pin. It wasn’t in my hands long, however, because as soon as Nora saw it, she insisted on having and wearing it. She wore it to daycare today.

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A girl eating potatoes

March 15, 2011 By: erik Category: Funny, Offspring, Videos

A girl eating potatoes (vidcap)Last week, Nora was particularly loquacious before lunch, so I set up the video camera on a tripod in case she did something particularly cute during her lunch. As you may have noticed, it’s easier to make interview-style videos with her in her high chair because if she’s on the floor, she’s zooming around the house and it makes for an awkward video. Sure enough, after she’d had her fill of macaroni, she started pointing at the bookcase behind me and saying “Una niña que come patata!“, I assured her that there were no girls eating potatoes on the bookshelf, but she persisted until I finally understood what she meant.

Lunch with Mother Theresa

March 14, 2011 By: erik Category: Partying, Photos, Spain

Mother Theresa and FamilyOn Sunday we were visited by my lovely blogrollmate, Mother Theresa, and her beautiful family. They were visiting Santander for the weekend, and asked if they could stop by for a visit. I’m very glad they did. The last time we saw them was almost three years ago in Pamplona, their hometown, during the festival for which you have heard of their town, San Fermí­n. Incidentally, at that time, Nora was about a dozen cells big, considerably smaller than her fetal sibling is now. It seems an odd coincidence that we’ve only ever seen Theresa et. al. when Marga was pregnant.


March 10, 2011 By: erik Category: News, Offspring, Parenting

This parenting thing is so easy, I think we should do it again! I’m pleased to announce that Marga is pregnant with our second child, who is expected to arrive around the end of October. I’ve never liked things that pop out, scream at me, and scare the crap out of me at Halloween, but I suspect I’ll love this one.

Holy Mackerel with Garlic Recipe!

March 09, 2011 By: erik Category: Colindres, Food, Photos, Recipes, Spain

MackerelLiving in a fishing village has its perks. When the fishing seasons change, suddenly everyone knows someone that has some fish to get rid of. Mackerel season just started, and I’ve heard lots of people around town saying, “Hey, you want some mackerel? I’ve got some extra.” It’s unclear to me exactly why this happens. My best guess is that they overfish, either intentionally or by accident, especially at the beginning of the season when the fishing’s good, and they can only sell a certain amount of it legally in the market, so they give away the rest to friends, and the friends give it to their friends, and eventually the fish trickle down to all the dinner tables in town.

I don’t regularly interact with many of the fishermen, but the other day Bruno, my neighbor and local butcher, knocked on my door and offered me some. I threw it in the fridge and, the next day, asked him how I should prepare it. What follows is the incredibly simple recipe he gave me.

Be careful what you click on after visiting links on Facebook

March 08, 2011 By: erik Category: Complaining, Fighting Stupidity, Internet

Facebook ExclamationSpammers can be really clever sometimes. Apparently there is some way to game the Facebook “Like” button such that any click on a webpage can be sent to Facebook as if you had clicked the “Like” button. So what people do is they bait you with a juicy looking webpage, and then once on the page, when you click to view a video, or sometimes they pop up a dialog saying “To verify that you are human, click here!”, and that click gets registered as you “liking” that webpage. With the change last week where there is now no longer much difference between “liking” and “sharing” in how a web page shows up on your Facebook wall, this technique is gaining even more steam. From what I can tell, they aren’t doing anything particularly malicious other than tricking people into posting salacious looking crap to their wall.

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Myrtle Beach Classic 2011

March 07, 2011 By: erik Category: Golf, Travel, USA

The following is a document written by my father, Paul Rasmussen, about a recent golfing excursion to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA.

GangJohn arrived Wednesday morning and loaded his stuff into my Odyssey. I had hurt my back three days earlier doing side-to-side squat jumps in front of my television set, so John loaded most of my stuff into the van too. I wasn’t sure I would be able to compete in the thirteenth Myrtle Beach Classic, but I thought I might try. John drove us to David’s lovely new house and David and Amy gave us a quick tour, but soon we had David’s stuff loaded and were back on the road. Except for discovering that I had left my iPhone home, the drive to Myrtle Beach went smoothly. Time just seems to slip by unnoticed when friends are telling stories to each other. I still had my iPad, and I checked my email every half-hour, answering some questions from work. The highlight was an email from the Director asking if it was OK for him to accept the invitation of an old friend and join Facebook. After considering possible answers for several miles, I wrote back that he could, but only on his own time.

Carnival 2011 in Colindres – Angels and Demons

March 04, 2011 By: erik Category: Colindres, Offspring, Photos, Spain

Carnaval 2011 - ColindresA few weeks ago, we received a letter from Nora’s daycare that read something like this:

On Friday, March 4, we will celebrate Carnival and go on a parade around town with all the other daycares and schools. This year the children will be dressed up as demons (very appropriate) and the educators and parents and grandparents will be dressed up as little angels (which is what we are).

When I commented to the daycare boss how much I appreciated her sense of humor, she thanked me and said that she’d actually received one complaint from some schmuck about calling her daughter a demon. Jeez.

A few days ago, we’d been given Nora’s demon tail to be sewed onto a pair of trousers, and been instructed that she wear the darkest clothes she has. Here-in lies the problem with celebrating Carnival in the northern hemisphere: it’s bloody cold in February and early March! So either you wear your coat over your costume and no one can see your costume, or you are cold. One of the many things that was well done about the way our daycare organized things, was that the costumes were made of plastic and designed to be worn on the outside of your coat.