Motion Composite Dives

July 22, 2011 By: erik Category: Experiments, Photos, Photoshop 487 views

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Paul DivesRecently, when I was with my family at a swimming pool, I had the opportunity to use the fast shutter rate of my DSLR camera to take some quick photographs of them. I took the photographs specifically with the intention of practicing a Photoshop technique called motion composition or motion multiplication. The idea is that you make a composite photograph of a subject that is in motion by combining various copies of the subject in different positions.


Marga Flips

Marga does a back flop.

Paul Dives

Paul belly flops swan dives. This one is actually worth viewing a little bigger.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the results of my first attempt at this technique. I will have to keep my eyes out for other subjects apt for this process.

  • Paul

    For the record, what you label as a “belly flop swan dive” is actually a “Jake Dive”, the signature trademark of Ken Jacobsen, the fastest swimmer in Kenosha, Wisconsin in the year 1967.  Just sayin’ . . .