What’s in a name?

January 31, 2012 By: erik Category: Offspring, Spain, Videos 357 views

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What's your name (thumbnail)In preparation for her entrance into the school system in September, we recently began teaching Nora that her name is longer than just “Nora”. A lot longer, in fact. I would be very, very surprised if there existed another person on the planet with Nora’s two surnames. In Spain, you see, people have two last names, the first from the father, and the second from the mother. Her first is Rasmussen, which is both difficult to spell and pronounce. Her second last name is Matamoros – a fairly rare surname in Spain – that probably originated from a myth about Saint James slaying moors.

Not surprisingly, she pronounces her Spanish surname better than her Scandinavian one, but she’s just started learning them.

  • Kaley [Y Mucho Más]

    Well, I’d never have guessed how it’s spelled as I knew people in my high school with your last name pronounced with a long uuuuuuuu.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, she’s just so cute!  She’s grown up so much since we saw her last, I know it’s been nearly a year, but it always amazes me how much kids change in such a relatively short time.   Rasmuso, is that the new Spanish version of your last name? It would make it easier for people to spell  ;)