State of the Offspring Address – November 2013

November 30, 2013 By: erik Category: News, Offspring, Parenting, Photos 293 views

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November 2013The big event this month has been our trip to the US to visit my family for Thanksgiving. It was our first time flying with both offspring. Both of them behaved very well. Ian was enchanting flight attendants and fellow passengers left and right, and Nora was content to be pacified by the same television marathon and mindless snacking that keeps the adult passengers docile. A couple times Ian had to be walked up and down the aisles, but overall, the long flight from Munich to Charlotte was pretty easy. Of course we did have to travel 24 hours late after our initial flight was cancelled due to a lightning bolt striking the aircraft the night before. However, that delay allowed us to insure having the bassinet, which makes all the difference when traveling with a small child.

When we came last year for Thanksgiving, Nora missed the Magosta festival, an autumnal chestnut roasting festival local to northern Spain, at her school, but this year Thanksgiving fell late enough in the month that she was able to attend on her last day. I think it was the very first time I’ve eaten a roasted chestnut, which I greatly enjoyed. All the kids dressed up in pastoral garb and there was dancing and general merriment.

November 2013

November 2013

Like last year, Nora’s angel of a teacher, with very little notice, prepared a present for her, with specific instructions to open it “when the plane is above the clouds”. This had the desired effect, and Nora kept the present by her side until we got into the plane, and then repeatedly asked if we were flying yet. The present was a little doll family of bears (their school year is ursine themed), consisting of a mommy bear, a daddy bear, and a little girl bear, plus a separate add-on package of a little baby bear in a swing, creating the perfect analog for our nuclear family.

November 2013

Airline selfie.

Upon arrival, Nora immediately picked right back up with her grandparents, reeling off the long list of activities she had planned for them, including treasure hunts, Unoâ„¢, feeding the 14-year-old Westie (the only dog Nora doesn’t find threatening), and dominoes.

After doing some research into walkers and suspended bouncers and discovering that Science’s opinion this week is that they are actually detrimental to a child’s physical and intellectual development, my parents discovered that “activity centers” are said to be very good for children to play with. So they bought one.

November 2013

Ian has never experienced this much toy joy. He loves it! …you know, until he wants to be picked up and carried again.

The state of the offspring is strong!

November 2013

  • bbnanno

    Happy Holidays! Totally sympathise with travel bill with 2 children; and it is not a non-essential item. Somehow we manage to do it. Our favourite changing airport is Munich (very quiet areas, lots of space, and have even had some good meals in the bars).
    When you come back, you will find that in the domestic (European) flight area, there are free tea/coffee/infusion areas for ALL passengers by the gates- look for them. Usually next to the free newspapers.

    Last time we flew, we actually deliberately took the early morning flight, compared to the midday one, as the Delhi flight leaves in the evening, and were able to spend a really great day in Munich -their public transport allows for a Day Travel Card that is for 5 passengers!.

    Previously, when we took the midday flight and spent the hours waiting in the airport, I got this blog entry from N:

    Munchen Airport
    Five hours and a half stuck in an airport is worse than having extra lessons at school while everyone else is on holiday. I’m utterly bored, and saying bad jokes and trying to laugh doesn’t help – much 😉