Peter T. Brown – 3 of 9

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Peter Brown

What follows is a serial essay written by my father, Paul Rasmussen, about his best friend, Peter Brown. Part 1, Part 2

It was a beautiful morning when we left Beloit. I had the top down on the bright red 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible I had bought shortly after Christmas for $300, and Peter was driving his very used 1950 Cadillac. We stopped at a roadside stand just outside of town and bought a couple of quarts of fresh strawberries. For 20 miles I pitched overripe berries high in the air, splashing them onto Peter’s windshield when successful. He passed me on the largely deserted interstate, and retaliated in kind. When we had used or consumed all our ammo, we resorted to one-upmanship. He passed me slowly, never glancing at me, while sitting in the passenger side. I passed him, laid back with my crossed feet up on the dashboard while I pressed a golf club on the accelerator. We were young, reckless, and happy.
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Ian is Four!

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Four years oldMy youngest little baby turned four years old today. It’s hard to believe that only four years ago our family was incomplete. It feels like there have been four of us since forever. Even though it’s a Tuesday night, we invited over Ian’s best friend, Gael, and his other friend, Mara, who has an older sister who is Nora’s best friend at school. Nora’s best neighborhood friend, Carmen, also came to our little soirée. Carmen is exactly six years older than Ian, so she also got to blow some candles.
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Peter T. Brown – 2 of 9

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Peter Brown

What follows is a serial essay written by my father, Paul Rasmussen, about his best friend, Peter Brown. Part 1

It is a bad idea to hire a senior in college to be a security guard for that college. I don’t know how straight a line I would have walked on my own, but Peter definitely drew me to the dark side. It is not that Peter was immoral. Instead he was bored, and looking for excitement. He decided we should make a copy of the college’s master key, so one late night when we were both on duty we located the maintenance department’s key duplicating machine. We discovered that the available blank keys were incapable of becoming a master duplicate, but in the time available to us, Peter learned how to use the key duplicator. Later we learned where the supply of blanks capable of becoming a master was stored, and duplicated the master key checked out to us at the start of each shift.
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Peter T. Brown – 1 of 9

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Peter Brown

What follows is a serial essay written by my father, Paul Rasmussen, about his best friend, Peter Brown.

When I left for college my father armed me with just one cryptic piece of advice. “You will find that some people have much more money to spend than other people, so be careful.” My mother, less vocal but more practical, sent me a $7.00 check every week.
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Snapchat AR Fun

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Snapchat AR RainbowYesterday, Snapchat, who is really kicking ass lately in the selfie-camera augmented reality tricks, where they can virtually put a hat on you, or makeup, or facial hair, etc., has released some new augmented reality trickery, but for the front-facing camera, so that you can place virtual objects into scenes, move them around, and they will appear to remain in the same physical location as you move your phone. We are just cracking the surface of this sort of technology. It seems inevitable that we will someday be wearing lightweight glasses that can display virtual objects and information that will appear, to our brains, to exist in the physical world.
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Mourning An Internet Friend

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Black RibbonI have a different relationship to social networks than I think most people do. As a transatlantic telecommuter, I spend much of my day physically isolated from other humans. When I was doing this before Twitter and Facebook, I was much more chatty and collegial with my coworkers over whatever chat service we used to use. I also blogged more. Whilst I certainly suffer from the distraction, filter bubble, and other dopamine-based addictive issues with Facebook (I saw a report the other day that the average Facebook user that logs in every day checks their newsfeed 150 times a day…seems high, but…) that everyone does. But Facebook also scratches my innate human social itch that would not otherwise be alleviated by watercooler chitchat.
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Splash Trails

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Splash ThumbnailYesterday my family and a friend of ours went out for a walk along a local river bank. It was as lovely and peaceful as you would expect such a nature walk to be. There was one section where you could go down next to the river, and, as usual, it was lined with smooth round stones, carved by the passage of a millennia of water molecules. While there, I discovered the perfect fusion of two passions that my almost-four-year-old son and I have: throwing rocks into rivers and interesting technical photographic techniques, respectively.
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Return to Cabárceno Zoo

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Cabárceno - April 2017The last (and only other) time we went to Cabárceno Zoo, Nora was not quite three years old. She just turned eight, and her brother, Ian, is about to turn four. It was time to return. It is amusing to compare the prices as I blogged them back then. The adult price went up from 21€ to 30€, the kid price went down from 18€ to 17€, and the family year membership went up from 100€ to 135€. This time we decided to buy the year-long pass, which becomes cheaper if you go more than once.
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On Protests

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ProtestFor much of my adult life, I have been rather cynical about the value of protests, people rallying in the streets with big poster signs, in opposition to whatever decision those in power have made. I have watched news coverage of thousands upon thousands of people protest everything from the Iraq War to local taxation laws to Occupy Wall St. And with all that effort, I have not seen a single thing gained. The Wall St. fat cats suffered not one iota, the Iraq War went on as planned, and the local government did whatever the hell they wanted.
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Nora and Ian’s first time in the snow

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Nora and Ian's first snowIn the twelve years I have lived in this town, it has snowed once such that it stuck for a few hours. It very rarely gets down to zero degrees Celsius here at sea level. Unlike their cousin, Xander, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, who needs a snow shovel to even leave his house for 5 months of the year, our kids have never really experienced snow.

In past years, we have seen photos of Nora’s classmates playing in the snow. Because we live right next to the mountains, it’s possible to drive a bit into the mountains and find snow, but we never have. Mainly because the kids never had any appropriate clothing for rolling around in frozen water. This year, we were determined to do it, so we bought the kids snow clothes. This weekend was the first weekend after a week of cold precipitation (rain here, snow in the mountains), so we decided to do it. Unfortunately we still didn’t have appropriate shoes, so on Saturday we went to the mall to buy the remaining shoes and gloves, and on Sunday morning we left for the hills.
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