Life and Music

July 26, 2007 By: erik Category: Musings, Stuff I Found, Videos 705 views

I enjoyed this. It’s a little animation made over a recording of the philosopher Alan Watts. If you don’t recognize the style of animation immediately, then you won’t recognize the names of the creators.
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Boats and Stuff

July 26, 2007 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photos 775 views

We took a walk down by the harbor yesterday evening, and ended up discovering a boat with a pretty cool name. Yesterday was the best weather we’ve had yet this summer, and it wasn’t warm enough to wear shorts for our evening walk. That’s how bad our summer has been so far. We haven’t been to the beach at all yet. We went several times a week in previous Julys.
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The Colindres Hotel Situation

July 25, 2007 By: erik Category: Colindres, Family, News, Photos 1,079 views

We have recently become aware of a fancy-schmancy B&B in Upper Colindres (Colindres de Arriba). So today, we went to investigate it as a possible lodging for American wedding guests.
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July 25, 2007 By: erik Category: Religion, Spain 1,092 views

Santiago MatamorosToday is a holiday in many parts of Spain, including Colindres, because it is the official day of Santiago. Santiago was the disciple of Jesus credited with bringing Christianity to Spain. This morning, I told Marga, “I just realized that today is the closest thing I have to a Saint Day.” “But your name’s not Santiago,” she said. I responded, “My middle name is, though.”
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Bullfighting on NBC Nightly News

July 24, 2007 By: erik Category: Bulls, Media, Politics, Spain, USA 836 views

Most mornings I watch the previous day’s edition of the NBC Nightly News (with Brian Williams). Yesterday, they did a report on “Bullfighting in Spain” (viewable with ads at link above), where Brian introduced it as,

And now we go to Spain, where, tonight, perhaps the best known national custom is under attack. A lot of people think it’s high time to do away with a traditional pastime. They want to ban bullfighting, because, they say, it amounts to torture.

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Stained Glass, Literally

July 23, 2007 By: erik Category: Photos, Religion, Wine 783 views

At the risk of my dear readers thinking I’m a drunk slob, I’ll share this grape-based epiphany.

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July 22, 2007 By: erik Category: Music, Reviews, Spain, Videos 1,446 views

CIMG3947Rosana is one of Marga’s favorite singers. She’s the only artist that Marga has followed at all through her ten-year career. If Marga had ever purchased a CD, it would have been by Rosana. Back in 2000, when my new Spanish girlfriend told me that Rosana was her favorite artist, I immediately bought her first two CDs and kept them in my car’s 6-CD changer for the full year and a half that we lived on separate continents, so Rosana holds a special place in my heart as well. She helped teach me Spanish.

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The Changing Face of Mondragon

July 20, 2007 By: erik Category: Mondragon, Photos, Spain 723 views

Mondragon, the town where Marga grew up, is a rather difficult place to get to. It’s situated in a mountain valley in the Basque Country. Until this year, getting to it by car required driving through some winding mountain passes. A couple years ago, they began a major highway project in the Basque Country, and are building a major motorway that will run right by Mondragon. The travel time from Mondragon to nearby cities will be more than cut in half. As with most Progress, the surrounding countryside has been damaged altered.
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Spider Puddle

July 19, 2007 By: erik Category: Photos, Reviews 573 views

Glad to see you all survived the night. I watched Transformers last night. I’m not a big fan of the comic book genre, so I went in with low expectations, and was pleasantly surprised. There’s something so geekily gleeful about a sports car that turns into a giant robot. The film required a lot of disbelief suspension, but the special effects were simply astounding. The line between which pixels were reflected light off someone’s skin and which were rendered by a computer is completely blurred now. Unlike the 21-year-old lead actors in this movie, I was the right age at the peak of the Transformers cartoon and action figures reign and recall deep envy of my friend, Jacob’s, Megatron toy.

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Si Dios Quiere

July 18, 2007 By: erik Category: Religion, Spain 8,143 views

Learning a foreign language gives you a perspective on that language that the native speakers don’t have. Some phrases become so ingrained into the language, that their original, literal meaning fades. For instance, saying, “Catch you later!” when departing from someone might be a little confusing or frightening for a foreigner who didn’t understand all the intricacies of the verb “to catch”, even though the phrase is simply meant to say “goodbye”. Even the word “goodbye”, in English, French, and Spanish, no longer carries the original “go with God” meaning. And so I turn to the Spanish phrase, “si Dios quiere”.
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