Myrtle Beach Classic 2007

February 14, 2007 By: erik Category: Family, Golf, Partying, Photos, USA 921 views

My father has written his usual write-up of activities from this year’s Myrtle Beach Classic. As usual, it’s very well written and entertaining.
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At The Office

February 13, 2007 By: erik Category: Family, Photos, USA 982 views

This entire week, I’m working in my company’s offices in Raleigh. I’m staying at my grandmother’s house. On Monday morning, when I left for work, my Aunt Carol, mother, and grandmother were feeling very motherly and treating me like their boy that was going off for his first day of work.
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Useful D Templates

February 05, 2007 By: erik Category: Geeky 2,363 views

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the new D programming language. One thing that’s really amazed me is the power of the templating system. Here are three code-saving templates to help avoid the deadly programming sin of code duplication.
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Weapons Inspection

February 05, 2007 By: erik Category: Golf, Photos 1,028 views

Another Superbowl has come and gone. That can only mean one thing… It’s time to clean off the old golf clubs and get ready for the Myrtle Beach Classic!
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February 03, 2007 By: erik Category: Complaining, Media, Reviews 825 views

I just watched a “documentary” about the Illuminati. Allegedly, a secret society is controlling all of the US and Britain. Every president since JFK has a masonic member.
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Happy Groundhog Imbolc Candlemas Day!

February 02, 2007 By: erik Category: Musings, Religion, USA 980 views

Strawberry GroundhogWikipedia is just too cool. The encyclopedias and hyperlinks are a perfect marriage. So let’s investigate the various holidays that have been invented to celebrate this cross-quarter day between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.
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Four Reasons To Use Gizmo

February 01, 2007 By: erik Category: Geeky, Reviews 2,516 views

Gizmo Project is a piece of VoIP (Voice Over IP) software that allows you to talk to people over the internet. Like its chief competitor, Skype, it has the capability to call landlines. I will now give you four reasons why Gizmo is better than Skype.
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January 31, 2007 By: erik Category: Extremadura, Flickr, Photos, Spain 1,442 views

Yep, it’s time for some new Flickr pics! The topic today: framing.
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Bush Speech Word Frequency

January 30, 2007 By: erik Category: Geeky, Politics, Stuff I Found, USA 1,109 views

My buddy Hubbers directed me to this link at the New York Times.

The State of the Union in Words: A Look at the 34,000 State of the Union Words Delivered of George W. Bush
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Domestic Violence

January 29, 2007 By: erik Category: Colindres, House, Musings, Spain 880 views

About a week ago, we started hearing noises from a neighboring apartment that, up until now, was completely silent. The noises were in the form of voices at 2:00 AM (from the wall that our bed is up against), some loud music, and recently some coughing and nose blowing consistent with someone with a cold.
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