Saint Émilion – Part 1 of 2

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Saint Emilion Pathway and VinyardsOn Sunday, October 11, 2009, we drove 50 minutes east of Bordeaux to the small medieval wine village of Saint Émilion. They began making wine in that area in the second century! The town was founded in the 13th century when a monk – perhaps you can guess his name – decided to spend the last fifteen years of his life in a cave. Although Saint Émilion is known more for its wine making, almost more impressive is that it is the home of the largest monolithic church in all of France. What is a monolithic church, you ask? It’s a church built with only one rock. How do you build a church with only one rock? Rather than build it with stones mined elsewhere, you simply mine out the inside of the church, and voilà, a church built from one rock! The extra benefit is that you end up with a bunch of mined rock, which you can sell to pay for the labor costs. Genius. The fact that this church was built/mined in the thirteenth century, the same time that the Knights Templar were returning from The Holy Land where they have many monolithic structures like this is no coincidence
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Bordeaux – Part 2 of 2

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Strawberry and Raspberry PiesThis is the second post about our visit to Bordeaux, France on October 10, 2009. Please start with the first part if you haven’t read it yet.
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Bordeaux – Part 1 of 2

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Bordeaux Ferris WheelThis past weekend Marga and I left Nora (for the first time!) with Marga’s parents and drove four hours up to Bordeaux, France. We normally don’t go for agency-organized trips, but this time we did, since we had little idea of what to do in Bordeaux other than taste the wine. While the plan they laid out for us was not bad, it was impractical, as we often found ourselves rushed and arrived late to several tours. As a result, we’ve decided that we probably won’t go with the organized tour route again. Overall it was a learning experience, and we had a good time.

I took so many pictures that I’m splitting up the events of Saturday in Bordeaux into two blog posts. Once you’ve trained yourself as a photographer to find interesting scenes in the ordinary landscape of your neighborhood, when you travel to a foreign country, everything is begging to have its picture taken!

Let’s travel, shall we?
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Big Gourd

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Big GoardOne of the best things about autumn are the pumpkins. In Spain, there are very few round orange pumpkins that match the image that an American has when he thinks of a pumpkin. That’s why it was so difficult to find one for Halloween last year. This year, however, I have agents embedded in the farmers markets scouting out the perfect gourd.

Today at the grocery store, there was a particularly fine pumpkin specimen, of the type most commonly seen in Spain. So I pulled Nora out of her stroller to take a photograph with it. At first she was terrified at being out-of-stroller in the grocery store for the first time, but eventually we sat her down on the checkout conveyor belt and got a photograph with her and the big gourd.
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Today I stumbled upon a website that is rather incredible. The technology to run it is utterly unremarkable. What’s amazing is that the internet is becoming so ubiquitous that such a sight is possible at all. The site is called OMGICU, which is teenager/text message language for “Oh my god, I see you”. The way it works is that, when you spot a celebrity, you submit a sighting report to the site, saying who you saw, where you saw them, and what they were doing. Obviously only a small percentage of the users of the site, mainly those living in Los Angeles and New York City, will be submitting sightings. The key is the service that minority will be providing for the other curious majority. The whole point of the site is that you can follow a celebrity that you are a fan of, and get real-time updates of what they’re up to. Amazing!
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The Curse

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The Thing (eye crop)Recently, as I was adjusting the canopy over Nora’s stroller, an object fell out and onto the ground. I picked it up and gasped! It was quite possibly the most horrible little doll thing I’ve ever seen. My mind reeled as to how my loving wife, who I thought I knew pretty well, could attach such an evil little doll to our child’s pram. Later that night, I confronted her about it.

Her response was, “Oh my god! I’ve never seen that thing in my life! You brought it into this house?!” Reassured by her innocence, I began to ponder how such a thing could have happened to such a well-intentioned family. The only reasonable conclusion is that someone has put a curse on us. A dark, dark curse.

Below I present the doll thing that I found. If you have small children or pets in the room, encourage them to look away.
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Grass and Pigs

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Here are a few photos from my summer vacation in Extremadura that fell through the cracks. As the title implies they are mainly of grass and pigs.
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Clay Keepsake – Six Months

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Nora - Clay Keepsake - 6 MonthsNora, we’ve recorded the size of your hands and foot again in a clay keepsake. Recently my parents sent us a new shipment of clay keepsake kits. You requested that one of them be sent to your friend, Matteo, in Brussels, and we kept the other two. Since we used one when you were three months old, we thought it would be nice to do one at six, nine, and twelve months as well. Luckily the package arrived during your six month birthday party. That weekend, we sat down to knead some clay…
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Secret Service Stumped by Facebook Assassination Poll

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A few weeks ago, a poll surfaced on Facebook, asking whether or not people thought that President Barack Obama should be assassinated. As it began to get hundreds of thousands of votes, it also attracted the attention of the Secret Service, who never take any assassination threats lightly. Using all their government influence, they coerced Facebook into giving up the identity of the user that started the poll. Unfortunately, the initiator of the poll left very little information about himself. At the time of this writing, the Secret Services knows the following about the suspect:
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Sunset By The Water

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Sunset BollardOn Saturday, Marga had to work all day long. In the afternoon, Nora and I took a walk which took us by the water during sunset, on our way to visit Marga’s work to see her when she stopped working. The sunset was particularly lovely, so I took some photographs.

Warning: This post contains trace amounts of bollards!
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