2.5 Liters Every 90 minutes

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For some reason Nora is incapable of going more than 90 minutes between feedings at night, but during the day she can go for 3-4 hours at a time in peace. Needless to say this is rather frustrating. She weighs roughly 3 kg and eats about 90 mL every sitting, usually with a slight pause in the middle for burping. I weigh about 82 kg, so for me to eat the equivalent of her meal, I would have to drink 2.5 liters (2/3 of a gallon) of milk. Every 90 minutes!

That’s a lot of milk to chug down at one sitting. It’s amazing that she only barfs once every 10 meals or so.

Easter Bible Study

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thumbToday is Good Friday. Before you read the rest of this post, I want you to hold the answers to two questions in your head: 1) What day of the week did Jesus die? and 2) What day of the week was his tomb found empty? Got the answers? Good.

Yesterday at lunch, I had more or less the following discussion with my in-laws:

Me: “Mmmm! These are good beans! Is that a bit of a meaty flavor?”
Wife: “No. We’re not having meat today, tomorrow, or the next day.”
Me: “Why not?”
Wife: “Because Jesus is dead.”
Me: “Jesus has been dead for a long time.”
Wife: “Because Jesus is symbolically dead.”

. . . some bean consumption . . .

Me: “But Jesus isn’t even symbolically dead yet. He symbolically dies tomorrow on Good Friday.”
Mom-in-law: “It’s like the saying goes, ‘Christ died on Thursday, was buried on Friday, on Saturday came the glory, and on Sunday he ascended.'” [that’s loosely translated]
Me: “No, I’m pretty sure he died on Friday.”
Wife: [with a “drop it!” look on her face] “If the saying says it, it’s true for us!”
Me: “Okay.”

After lunch, I wandered over to the Good Friday wikipedia entry and saw that I had been correct. Christ died on Friday. Score one for me!
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Cultural Baby Mutilation

April 09, 2009 By: erik Category: Offspring, Photos, Spain 2,414 views

Panda Earring BoxNora, the culture you have been born into has certain unfortunate traditions that place unfair expectations on its ovary-enabled citizens. These practices, such as leg waxing and high-heeled shoes, will cause you much pain and suffering, but your ancient tribal instinct will place such a high value on fitting in with your peers that you will inevitably perform these practices regularly. In Spain, they start early – lucky you! – so we have already mutilated your body without your consent to conform with society’s expectations.
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Baby Feet

April 08, 2009 By: erik Category: Offspring, Photos 338 views

7.5 cm footNora’s feet are pretty cute. The other day on the changing table, as she was flexing and extending her legs faster than Neil Lance Armstrong, I attempted to take some photos of her feet. Thus the following slideshow.
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Expressions Of A Fortnight-Old

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thumbnailNora’s expressions continue to fascinate me, but what most makes me grin lately is the look on Marga’s face when she’s watching an alert Nora make faces. So much happiness in the house these days. I even rather enjoy the times when diaper changing explodes in showers of earth tones. We complain about the sleepless nights, but the complaints are only superficial. Caring for a newborn has got to be one of Life’s best obstacle courses.
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Clever Baby Photography Idea or Who Peed On The Scanner?

April 06, 2009 By: erik Category: Funny, Geeky, Offspring, Photos 489 views

Nora Foot Scan Gone Horribly WrongThis morning I had a great idea. I’d place Nora’s foot on my flatbed scanner and scan her little bare foot. Then I’d do her hand, and if things went well, I’d repeat every week. The theory was sound, geeky, and interesting.

For some reason the scanner set itself on super-high-resolution mode which required a pause between each two-centimeter step of the scan. This resulted in Nora being forced to remain vertical about ten seconds longer than she wanted to. And this resulted in…well.
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Bad Hair Life

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Nora Hair and EarOur friend, Juan Carlos, the hairdresser, was over to visit you the other day. The conversation went something like this:

JC: “This child is going to have her father’s hair.
Me: “I know! What’s so annoying is that her mother’s hair is so much better than mine.”
JC: “Tell me about it!”
Me: “Oh yeah, I forgot that was your area of expertise.”

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Waning Sanity

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Last night I woke up because Nora was making some noise. She was in bed with me because she’d been feeling a little ill (or at least acting that way). I calmed her down. Then I realized I had to pee, so I got up, made sure she was securely in the middle of the bed, put the covers over her with her little head sticking out as I have several times before, and went to the bathroom.

Bladder comfortably empty, I returned to the bedroom and… SHE WAS GONE!
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Tag Team

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thumbI have never purposefully watched professional wrestling. If I have the remote, that’s not what’s on the television. But sometimes, at a friend’s house as a kid, or in a bar or dorm lounge somewhere, I’ve seen some of it. From what I have gathered, there’s a special flavor of it, called tag team, that allows a two-on-two fight, where most of the time, only one member from each team is in the ring at a time. But, occasionally, if a wrestler gets in trouble, pinned down by his opponent, he can “tag” his teammate outside the ring and the teammate can enter to smash something down on the opponent to let the defeated teammate exit the ring to recuperate. Also, sometimes there are special moves that require a two-on-one scenario, and for those the outside-ring guy can be tagged to come in and assist for a move or two before it returns to a one-on-one fight. Or something like that. I don’t really know the rules, this is just what they appear to be to me.

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Hitting The Bottle

April 02, 2009 By: erik Category: News, Offspring, Videos 480 views

Chest DozingNora, two of your feeding sessions yesterday lasted over two hours long. Suck a little, doze a little, suck a little, doze a little, etc. We know that a little resting between gulps is normal, but you never seem satiated. Plus, you go from “OMG, feed me, feed me, FEED ME!” to completely asleep after one swallow. It’s like your brain is content that, if there’s a nipple in your mouth, the problem is solved, even if you’re not full yet. Eventually your mother gets bored and gives you food from a syringe (up to ten of them so far!) until you stop moving your head to grab the syringe. Then you sleep for two hours and ask to repeat the process.
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