The following are a list of projects that I work on in my spare time. None have taken off and made me filthy rich, but they have been educational and entertaining.

Multiagent Java Applets

One thing that I discovered during my college years studying computer science is that I am fascinated by artificial intelligence (AI). I took several post-graduate courses in machine learning in college. My multiagent project is a study in how simple virtual creatures can act in complex ways using very simple algorithms. Each agent is a circular entity in a 2-D virtual world with real collision physics. And they all follow some very simple algorithm to determine in which direction and how much they want to accelerate.

Unfortunately, I was unable to actually instill any practical learning algorithms into my little agents. I have not done any work on it since 2002. Even so, they are worth playing around with for a few minutes, and I am open to suggestions for new applets.

Lottery Year 2008

For some reason, I decided to play the lottery every week in 2008 and document the results.


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