Cactus Cam


What is this?

Every year since we’ve had this little guy, he’s produced even more flowers than the year before. When I noticed the little buds start to form this year, I decided to make a timelapse video of its blooming for all the world to see how beauty can come from even the most stumpy and prickly among us. Luckily for you, my timelapse video software also provides webcam functionality, so you can watch it bloom in real time!

Cactus Webcam

Here’s the webcam setup. It looks as though the weather is going to be good enough for the next few weeks to leave the window ajar to let the cable out.


See the little fuzzy buds? Each of those will become a flower.

Cactus Babies

He’s been very prolific since being relocated into his current pot.

The following are pictures of his mother that I took in Extremadura back in 2003 when she was blossoming. Marga’s grandfather chopped off a piece and gave it to us. So this is what we have to look forward to…

Cactus Parent

Cactus Flower

  • Petrey

    Dude, Cacti rule! So does lumberjack. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! Channukah and Kwanzaa too!

  • Maureen Dolan

    Your cacti are monumental.  What are you doing that I´m not? I don´t get buds or babies and now feel deprived. Maybe you could write up us cactus deprived a post (sentence structure?) on how to be prolific in the cactus department. I´m enjoying getting to know your blog.

  • Caelin Lathrop

    hi I just went to the store and saw this little cacti and i think its the same kind, but idk. if it is would you mind putting up instructions on how to take care of one? i don’t want to risk overwatering it.