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June 02, 2006 By: erik Category: News 1,083 views

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Okay, I finally got tired of the way I was doing my blog. As a web developer, it irked me beyond belief that I couldn’t control the actual html code that was being output for my entries.

I’ve moved to WordPress, recommended to me by my colleague Alan. He’s using it on his blog. My impression so far is: WordPress rocks!

I have it set so that you have to register to leave a comment. So go register and tell me how great my blog looks. That’s all for now.

The old blog can be found here for posterity.

  • Paul

    So far, I like what I can see. If you had to make a recommendation to an iMacFriend today, would it be WordPress?

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that you’re more of a wyziwyg kinda guy. And being a proud iMac owner as well, I think I might recomment iWeb (already installed on your machine). The catch is that you really have to have a .Mac account to publish to. And that ain’t free.

    My reasons for choosing WordPress over iMac or iBlog (my previous solution) is that I am so used to writing html code, it bugs me when I can’t pop in some fancy CSS or something. Another reason is that I value having my blog on my own domain. Also, WordPress takes some technical knowledge to set up on the server.

    I used iWeb to make this site and this site.

    In conclusion, give iWeb a try.

  • Paul

    You are right. I don’t enjoy coding like I used to, and I am much more able to put up with something that isn’t as I’d like it than I used to be. Also, I probably need to try .Mac, if for no other reason than people are starting to find out I crossed over, and requests for Dark Side advice and assistance are imminent. I’ll try iMac and iWeb. Thanks.

  • It’s .Mac (dot mac), not iMac. You already have the iMac. 🙂

  • Paul

    Yeah, thanks. My eyes sometimes see dots and i get my eyes and my dots mixed up.

  • Man, I love your site!!!!!!

  • I love sites that link to me too. 🙂