Batalla del Vino

June 29, 2006 By: erik Category: Partying, Spain, Videos, Wine 1,034 views

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We just saw some footage on the news from this year’s “Batalla de Vino” that takes place every June 29th in a town called Haro, in the Rioja region of Spain. It looks like the Tomatina, except much safer and much drunker. We’ve got to try it!

This year, they used 50,000 liters of wine (that’s a lotta bottles). Check out these links for pictures and information:

I found this video of a previous year. It looks like a it should be a laundry detergent commercial, only in reverse. See how white everyone’s clothes are going in?

The video says that there are more than 17,000 participants and they use almost 100,000 liters of wine. The TV today gave me the 50,000 number above. Either way, that’s not a bad liter-to-person ratio. Those are snails (“caracoles en salsa”) that they traditionally eat.

  • Betsy

    Now that’s a festival! Are those tanks with hoses that people appear to be drenching each other with full of wine? The kid with swimming goggles has the right idea. Where is the Rioja region relative to you?

  • Yep. It’s all wine. I like the guy in the video with the toilet reservoir that he puts over his friend’s head and pulls the chain. The news footage from this year showed some kids with some pump-action supersoakers full of wine. The guy they interviewed, at the end of the interview, had someone come up and dump half a bucket over him, then remove his beret, exposing his bald white head, and the rest of the bucket tipped over him.

    Looks like it’s 2 hour and 1 minute away.