The News You've All Been Waiting For

July 27, 2006 By: erik Category: Family, News, Spain 878 views

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We’re actually going to get serious and make some wedding plans.

I’ve made a new Wedding Page (link at top of blog) on which to place all information about our plans as they solidify.

At the moment, as you can see, they are pretty nebulous. There’s a link on that page to send me an email if you’d like to be notified of changes to the plans.

  • Paul

    Congratulations! Marga is a wonderful gal, and you are very lucky.

  • ‘Bout dang time! Congrats guys.

  • Betsy

    My sentiments exactly.


  • Uncle Steve

    Interesting how some people (like little Daniel Rasmussen) have blogs that allow any old person to post what they want there (which you did prove Erik, btw), and other people (like this present blog, here) only allows fully screened and agreed with complimentary comments to appear….

    Interesting… I wonder what factors go into this difference…

  • Thanks for your support, Uncle Steve. Daniel is linked to on my blogroll on the sidebar, by the way.

    My blog software has an insult filter that works like an email spam filter to block out negative comments and only allow the good ones through.

    It flagged your comment as “not completely positive and flattering”, but I’ve decided to let it through anyway. 🙂

  • Uncle Steve

    re: “It flagged your comment as ‘not completely positive and flattering’…”:

    Damn, again? (whoops, here we go again…)