Sole Castle

July 31, 2006 By: erik Category: Flickr, Photos 1,301 views

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Occasionally, Marga will come up to me, grab a pen, and ask, “What do you want me to draw on you?” I’ve had temporary ballpoint tatoos of butterflies, hearts, and ladybugs. The other day, I turned the tables and asked her the same question. She said…

A castle! Okay, where? On my foot! Top or bottom? Bottom! And so began the construction of the Sole Castle…

I love this picture for many reasons. Not the least of which is my superb extemporaneous two-dimensional representation (with perspective!) of my mind’s castle archetype, complete with four towers, a draw bridge, and a moat. Considering the added challenge of a canvas that was squirming all over the place, and I think this is one of my best drawings ever.

Photographically, it’s a great shot because of the perfect framing, the distance lens blur, and the softness of the sunlight on her face. I didn’t edit this photo at all. The solitary chair in the background adds an artistic touch as well. Even the red and blue cushions help the shot.

But what’s really captured here is the intimacy between two people. Try letting someone draw with a ballpoint pen on the sole of your foot and tell me it’s not an intimate moment full of giggles and cooperation. And of course, there will always be something sexy about a woman lying on a bed, bathed in soft sunlight.

Sole Castle

  • Betsy

    I think that I have told you in the past, and if not, I sure meant to, that the way to a woman’s heart is through a good foot rub. There’s something really special about the one you love massaging your tired dogs.

    You’re right, this is an exceptionally fine picture. Taken one-handed from the looks of things.

  • jacob

    Seems like that would really tickle…

  • Wow. This post must have gone up not long before we got to ‘know’ each other. I love it, and I love the way your referring to it outside of your blog pushed me into contemplating the web’s very real influence on my concept of what it means to ‘know’ people.

    • My reference to this post today, more than three years after its original posting, highlights one of my favorite part of blogging, namely that my future self is (am?) an important member of my audience.

      A couple times a month, I refer back to entries when a “Hey, remember when? Well, not very well, let me look…” pattern comes up in conversation or my own thoughts. I love it. It almost always results in a, “Oh cool, I forgot about that detail!”

      I look forward to discovering other gems like this on my own blog in the future.

  • Lovely. And that’s a very Van Gogh chair.

    • It reminded me of Van Gogh, too.