Bizarre Flickr People

September 15, 2006 By: erik Category: Flickr, Funny, Photos, Weird 4,893 views

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Nothing like a free, anonymous, online photo-sharing site to bring all the creepy folks out of the woodwork.

Nine days ago, I posted the following picture to Flickr.

Green and Gray

I love this picture because of how clearly the colors of her scarf and hat can be seen in her eyes.

This is a girl that went in our group of seven to Stockholm in February, 2005. I didn’t really know her then, and I still don’t. She’s a friend of a friend.

In the world of Flickr, you can leave comments on other people’s photos, and you can mark photos as your “favorites”, etc. One day after posting this photo, someone named m_s_l marked it as their favorite. I just noticed today. So I clicked on her to go see m_s_l’s pictures, and this is what I find:


Looks like she’s a wannabe Muslim or something. And as if that’s not strange enough, there’s this guy, called ferrari_nice, that’s been leaving comments like these on m_s_l’s photos:

WOw sooooooo nice your outfit, scarf all wrapped…….fits soo nice on you…..Please do the same w/ me……

OMG Im in love w/ this gorgeous hot pic girls I loveee your scarf wrapped around all over your face….

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm everything is soo gorgeous….. you looks pretty I love the colors, all wrapped………

And ferrari_nice isn’t the least creepy guy I’ve ever seen either.


So there you have it. I posted a random, extemporaneous photo that I took of someone that I hardly know, and I ended up looking at pictures of a Nascar-loving Floridian1 with a serious scarf fetish.

Ain’t the internet great?!?

1Don’t you love the tragic irony of a guy in the warmest continental state with a scarf fetish?

  • A quick update to this story. Someone found this blog entry by searching the web for “scarf fetish”. And shortly thereafter, my picture was added as a favorite of ral on Flickr. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that it was the same person.

    And guess what kind of pictures ral has? His are even creepier because they are candid shots taken with a hidden camera, most of which seem to be on a subway train in Russia. At least in Russia, you’re gonna get a lot more chances to see women in scarfs than our poor Floridian friend.

    The Flickr groups ral belongs to are:

    To each his own, I suppose…as long as it remains in the realm of fantasy and he’s not kidnapping and gagging real women.

  • Serious ick factor here.

    We occasionally get some distasteful favoriting by perverts who seem to like little boys sat on potties. Unfortunately, you can ban them only when you know about them. But it does make us more judicious about what gets posted to Flickr.