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Column Sorting Arrows

September 13, 2006 By: erik Category: Geeky, Musings

I spend many hours each day in front of a computer screen. I have used many computer programs with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) over the years. It seems that there is still no common consensus on a very common user interface strategy. Which way should the arrows point on a sorted column?

Santoña Sunday

September 12, 2006 By: erik Category: Bulls, Family, Photos, Spain

Last Sunday, Marga’s folks and grandfather came to visit just for the day. We went to the nearby town of Santoña to see a bullfight. We had no tickets and were planning to buy them at the gate.

Four Goats

September 11, 2006 By: erik Category: Colindres, Funny, Photos, Spain, Weird

This morning, Marga had to give an important presentation to some very powerful clients at her work. The presentation slides are beautiful. I made them for her in Keynote, which I now consider to be far better than Powerpoint. The presentation was exported to a Quicktime movie that could be played on the Windows laptop at work. About an hour after Marga left the house, I got a call asking me to come help because the laptop was “locked up”.

GarageBand Salsa

September 08, 2006 By: erik Category: Dancing, Music

The reviewers over at Revver are getting more and more selective about the kind of background music you can have in your videos. They rejected my three sevillanas videos because the music playing the background is, presumably, copyrighted. That is why they are being hosted by the “what copyright law?” criminals over at YouTube.

Shadow Parts

September 07, 2006 By: erik Category: Geeky, Musings, Stuff I Found

In today’s class, we’re going to discuss the parts of a shadow.

Vacation In Spain – 2006

September 06, 2006 By: erik Category: Family, Photos, Spain

As usual, my father has written up his vacation for others to enjoy. All 39 pages of it.

An Afternoon In Madrid

September 03, 2006 By: erik Category: Dancing, Family, Partying, Photos, Spain, Videos, Wine

On Saturday morning we drove five hours to Madrid, checked my folks into a reserved hotel (4 star!), and went out for lunch. We then met up with a friend of ours from England, Consuelo, and her friend, Paco.

Market, Pizza, and Santander

September 01, 2006 By: erik Category: Colindres, Family, Food, House, Photos, Spain, Wine

On Friday, we went to the local weekly market in Colindres.