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October 24, 2006 By: erik Category: Wordpress 10,328 views

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This plugin provides a simple way to embed Revver videos into a WordPress blog.


  • Simple to configure
  • Include your affiliate code to make money off referrers
  • Choose between two players:
    • Flash
    • Quicktime
  • Choose between two different flash skins:
    • Revver 1.0
    • Revver 2.0
  • Optionally uses javascript to avoid XHTML-prohibited tags, maintaining the standards compliance of your blog
  • Optionally uses a video thumbnail as a place holder to speed up page loading
  • Adds a button when writing posts to easily insert the required code


  • A WordPress Blog
  • A desire to share videos with the world


  1. Download the plugin here: wp-revver.tar.gz (16 kB)
  2. Unzip the plugin into your /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin.
  4. Configure the plugin under the Options tab in your WordPress admin (see screenshot)
  5. Add the code “revver(12345)” where 12345 is the number of the video on Revver.


Options Screenshot

Change History

1.3 2007-05-17 Tim Gallagher provided a bug fix for the options page. Thanks, Tim!
1.2 2006-12-07 Added ability to choose flash skin.
1.1 2006-10-30 Added affiliate ID option
1.0 2006-10-24 Original version

Who’s Using It?

Send me an email at the address below if you would like to be added or removed from this list.

Why not use the Official Revver WordPress Plugin?

Almost a year after I released this plugin, Revver has released a WordPress plugin of their own. What’s the difference and which one should you choose?

My plugin is MUCH simpler and cleaner for popping a video into a blog post using the video ID. The Official Plugin is much more bloated and does a lot more with organizing your video library from inside the WordPress admin, allowing visitors to post video responses as comments, seeing earnings without going to, etc. You can think of my plugin as the “light” version for people that don’t want to mess with all that other crap. I sure don’t.

Questions and Comments

You may leave questions and comments on this blog, or email them directly to me at erikwordpressplugins -at- gmail.

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  • eirlymeyer

    Is it possible to control the size of the Revver Videos through this plugin? How can I reduce the original size & create my own size, for example: 300 x 300 or 120 x 120 for the videos to show?

  • eirlymeyer,

    At the moment, you cannot change the size. I will look into adding it as a feature. It sounds like a good thing to be able to do.

  • brettbum

    I installed the plugin but the quicktag button does not show up.

    I tried entering the code revver(12345) (the media id number not 12345) and wordpress didn’t recognize it. The install seemed to work fine no problems there.

    I’m doing all of this only get revver video entries to validate. I noticed that none of the sites provided by example validate. I also noticed that Revver’s own blog doesn’t come close to validating. 🙂

  • I assume you mean the “sites provided by example” from Revver don’t validate. The ones using my plugin do. Example.

    I haven’t tested the quicktag button since Rever 2.1.x updated the wysiwyg editor. If you put “revver(247847)” (that’s a valid video number of mine), it doesn’t get converted by WP-Revver into the video embedded on the page?

    Do you see the “Revver” options page in the WordPress admin?

  • i love this blog!

  • Thanks!

  • Great plugin. Does it work with aLinks?

  • WQG, I have no idea. Try it and let me know.

  • about the resize question: I’ve done it manually in the JS file. here are the details:

    I’m posting in a WP blog with 424px wight of the main content, so I obviously needed 424px instead of 480px movie.

    STEP 1 – check what your “new” size of the movie box will be if you want to change the wight.


    f.e. – in my case – I put a filed in Photoshop with 480×392 and it appears that when the wight is changed to 424px, the height is changed to 346px.

    STEP 2 – now you should go to the plug-in directory and open the “wp-revver.js” file.
    BE CAREFUL – there are 2 types of values that you have to change. the first one is the “big box” (480×392) and the second one is a smaller one ( the screen without the bottom bar – 480×376). So if you want everything to be desplayed correct – you should open once again your PhotoShop and do the math for the second value.

    After the new values are set, you can replace the “w-revver.js” file with the new one and everything should be just fine 🙂 it worked 4 me.


    ps: a small bug repport:

    I’ve got 2 different posts in the same page.
    One with Revver video and one with YouTube.
    the Revver post was overlapping the YouTube.
    after I added some text after the “revver(12345)” code it seems that the system recognized the type of object and my FireFox showed the two movies properly..

  • Thanks for that, Ralev.

  • pps: NP.
    … just for the people that will look at my source code – now I’m using another solution.

  • jackywdx

    Hi,erik.I’m from China. I have downloaded the revver plugin and installed it.But I found it did’t work.
    It did show up in the options page.but the quicktag button didn’t show up in the edit page….
    I found another question. I couldn’t open the website The browser always show up couldn’t find the website.
    Do you have any idea or solution? Thanks a lot

  • Well, if you can’t see, then you might have bigger problems. Have you tried just inserting the “revver(54321)” code into the post yourself? The quicktag button isn’t really all that useful except for remembering the syntax.

    You might try instead of www. But if you can’t see Revver, then there’s no point in trying to use this plugin.

  • Great plug-in – thanks…but any idea why my video shows up fin in Firefox but I get a blank space in IE?

  • Shawn: are you using the flash or quicktime player?

  • Thanx a lot! This is very useful.

  • “Revver WordPress Plugin” – Good work. Cogratulations

  • We could use a solution for blogger. Maybe a javascript port of the plugin?

  • Sorry, I don’t know anything about the inner-workings of blogger. You’re on your own.

  • We just started using this plugin today on a multiuser WordPress blog and I love it! I think it is going to open up huge potential for the Chatty Women on my site. Thank you so much!

  • oli

    hey, i have revver working on my webpress site but the video upload form for my comments is not showing up beacuse of my theme, do you have idea where i would find the html coding for the upload bar?


  • Oli, you must be thinking of the Official Revver WordPress Plugin. Mine has nothing to do with video uploads.

  • Thanks for nice tips. Very good blog.

  • Why would I use this plugin instead of the Official Revver WordPress Plugin?

  • francoe

    great plugin!
    works fine, i will use it.
    but, elliot lee have a good question…

  • Frankcoe, I answered Elliot Lee’s question in the post above. I thought I left a comment saying so, but apparently it got lost. Look at the section above “Questions and Coments”.

  • francoe

    Es verdad!! Lo acabo de ver..perdón. 🙂
    Incluso, luego de escribirlo instalé el plugin oficial, y comprendí­ perfectamente porqué quiero usar este plugin.
    oh, yes, is true! I see it now.
    After type that i try to install the oficial plugin, and i see it clearly why i wanna use it your plugin.
    Great work!
    Excuse me for that… and for my cheap transaltor.XD

  • Does the plugin support the latest version 2.3.3 ? thanks

  • thanks fot the plugin!

    do it works with the latest version?

  • Yes, funnyvideo, it do (sic).

  • gestroud


    Just wondering if this is compatible with WP 2.5. If it is, that would be great. I know that revver has its own widget, but I don’t need all of its functionality.


  • Yes, gestroud, it works just fine on WP 2.5, as well as the nightly build of 2.6 that I’m running.

  • El

    i received this error when trying to active this plugin with WP 2.6

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    what is that error suppose to mean??

  • Why would I use this plugin instead of the Official Revver WordPress Plugin?

  •, may I direct you to the section titled Why not use the Official Revver WordPress Plugin?

  • i was in the process of using this feature on my blog but i’ve ran out of space on my site

  • gestroud

    For some reason, I’m getting this error message when I try to access the plugin’s settings page.

    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    I’m the site’s administrator; there aren’t any other member. This is a fresh install using WP 2.8.4.


    • gestroud


      Still getting the messages on multiple sites. This is a very handy plugin, is anyone else having the same difficulty?



  • I have never set up a plug in before so pardon the dumb question. (

    I downloaded the revver file from your blog – I can’t find the directory wp-content/plugin. Where will I find this?

    – Molly

    • First of all, Molly, congratulations from moving to WordPress from Blogspot.

      Unfortunately you cannot use WordPress plugins if you use the free hosting at To extend WordPress with plugins, you must pay a hosting service that will give you access to upload plugins into your WordPress installation.