Salted Chovies

November 02, 2006 By: erik Category: Food, Photos, Weird 1,014 views

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A couple days this week, Marga has asked to take my camera into work to take some pictures of a product to send to a client. Below is a sample of the kind of images that were on the camera upon its return. [If you’re at all squeamish about dead fish in cans or huge grains of salt, avert your eyes now.]

There were about 60 pictures on the camera. Believe me, I’ve saved you a lot of redundancy by selecting just these few.

Anchovies are packaged in two forms: the small cans with the peel-back top (like this), or in a larger can, packed with salt. The former requires that they go through a several-month conservation process at the plant. For the latter, they are put into the can fresh. These are pictures of the latter type.




Put one of those in a bun and eat it! Saltastic!





Yes, that’s all salt.




Sucore is the name of Marga’s company, but they release under other brands as well, such as the “Nortemar” (“North Sea” in English) pictured above.

Pretty interesting, huh? Well, not really…

  • jacob

    That third picture sure does look similar to a couple of cooked hamburger patties….half pounders I’d say.

  • That’s funny. I added the caption to that picture after Jacob loaded the page and before he made his comment. We clearly had the same idea. 🙂

  • ChovyChap

    MAN! Like Homer says “Lgghhh” (dribbling out the side of my mouth) Those pictures make me wish I was looking at the real thing in a shop ready for me to pick up and buy. Then skip home with glee where I’d prepare them in some of my many anchovy recipes.